Massive AI Upgrade

10 Years in the Making
Launched Twosday, 2/22/2022

New Features - AI Engine

  • Bot Template System: The ability to link your chatbot to templates that contain sets of Keyphrases for specific purposes (there is just one right now).
  • The Master Bot Template: A huge collection of modern, well-written Keyphrases that's good for any chatbot. Link your chatbots and it will help guide you through development of your chatbot's personality. Link up in your chatbot's Settings.
  • Macros: Far-reaching but simple Keyphrase Wildcards that will form the basis of future chatbot development. Examples: "(m:i_like) cats", "(m:do_you_want) ice cream", "(m:do_not) drop that". more
  • Variants: You can separate out Responses (if you like) based on the tone of the macro, or whether it contains "not". more
  • MetaMacros: The AI Engine now automatically simplifies what's written to your chatbots to its basic form, ensuring your Keyphrases match more things. more
  • Answer Restructuring: The AI Engine now reconstructs simple answers into full sentences. A) "Do you like the beach?" B) "yes" turns into "yes, I like the beach." This also extends the matching power of your Keyphrases. more
  • Keyphrase Comments: Add comments to your Keyphrases or groups of Keyphrases. more
  • Short-Term Memory: Automatic memory of recent conversation topics provides valuable Plug-ins and the ability to replace pronouns with what they refer to. more
  • New Wildcards: (r) is a new optional match for adverbs. Word Wildcards include synonyms for common Keyphrase words like (a:great), (v:like), and (n:pet). Memory Wildcards let you match recent memories! more
  • New Plug-Ins: Pronoun Plug-ins let you replace recent pronouns with what they refer to, like (last-she) and (last-they). Roaming Holiday Plug-Ins can insert the date of a holiday that differs year to year like (date-thanksgiving). Local Plug-Ins are small single-use Plug-Ins like (park|playground|zoo). Seeks can access keys from the original Keyphrase with (firstkey1), (firstpostkey), etc. more
  • Rewritten Parts of AI Engine: It's faster and better organized.

New Features - Content Ratings

  • Content Rating System: The Personality Forge can now automatically determining content ratings. This helps ensure that users are only exposed to content matching their Approved Ratings. For chatbots, these serve as a minimum rating, and you can set it higher if you wish. To see why a chatbot has been given a particular rating, there is a link in their Settings. more
  • Rating Preferences: These are more thoroughly applied across the site for a person and for their chatbots as well. For example, if someone has only approved ratings Everyone & Teen, their chatbots won't chat with a Mature chatbot.
  • for Adult Content: This is a new sister-site for The Personaity Forge that shares a login and is the home for all adult content. Adult content will no longer be publically available on The Personality Forge, except for the purposes of a botmaster's building and testing of their chatbots.
  • Private Groups: This feature allows someone to invite new people to a Private Group on the Forge. This Private Group can have limited members and its users can have limited ratings. This is ideal for situations like a parent creating a family group or a teacher teaching a class on AI chatbots. For more, click the "Private Groups" link under "Build". more

New Features - Workshop & New Guides

  • Workshop Improvement: Workshop pages can now be open for multiple chatbots simultaneously.
  • Huge Book of AI Update: Tons of new features have been documented. Chapter subheaders are now all linked. You can now search. more
  • Guides to Writing Good Keyphrases & Responses: This is a new guide on writing good Keyphrases and Responses and avoiding common mistakes.
  • Language Center Guide: This is a dynamic guide at the top of the Language Center that helps direct the development of chatbots.
  • Keyphrase Match Counting: This gives you insight on what best to work on next. "matches" shows how often your Keyphrases match, "improve" shows which Keyphrases need more Responses.
  • Special Keyphrase Guide: Information on Special Keyphrases is now shown inline in the Language Center on the "special" page.
  • Master Bot Template Development Guide: If your chatbot is linked to a Template, "guide" shows which Keyphrases to add Responses to next based on which are matched the most.
  • Keyphrase Editor Reference Guides: In the Keyphrase/Response editor, click the purple or green book icon to see a quick-reference guide to Wildcards, Plug-ins, Macros, and AIScript.
  • Robotics Support: Now you can do anything imaginable with Incoming Triggers, Outgoing Triggers, API Data, and Facial Expression AIScript. more

New Features - More

  • Friend of the Forge: It's back with new features and pricing tiers. For more, click the "Account Upgrades" link under "Community".
  • Email Updates: In your Settings, you can opt-in to get updates on new features.
  • Better messaging: Better, in-screen feedback on actions you take.


  • xKeyphrases are now known as Special Keyphrases and begin with #, like #hello and #emote
  • xnone is now #engage
  • Guest (name) "Guest####" changed to "Friend"

Bug Fixes

Many, many bug fixes

Older news

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Chat   Hot  AI: 1,781
Chat   Hot  AI: 485
Chat   Cold  AI: 44
Chat   Cool  AI: 49
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