February 21, 2024
ChatGPT Fallback
I've added another option to ChatGPT Fallback: "Use for Everything". This essentially makes your chatbot a ChatGPT chatbot that you can build on top of with all the features of the Personality Forge. Along with this is a new setting "AI Personality Prompt" which you can use to override your chatbot's automatic personality settings when calling ChatGPT. See your chatbot's settings page for details.
February 20, 2024
ChatGPT Bots!
Hey guys! ChatGPT is now acting as a fallback when your chatbot doesn't know how to answer a question. It uses your chatbot's profile to define the personality. I'd recommend creating a new chatbot for this to really see it working. I've added a new "AI Prompt" option in your chatbot's settings. Here you can play around with adjusting the personality. New chatbots will partially run off ChatGPT until you have Keyphrases set up to catch the messages first. This is free for now while I determine the cost. Please let me know your feedback in the "PF News" forum!
February 6, 2024
Increasing Heat!
I've made a change to heat generation. When someone updates a chatbot at all during a given day, that chatbot will get up to 100 heat overnight, in addition to any heat generated from overall increases in development score. This will ensure people get credit for their work and act as an incentive for people to keep working on their bots, even if just a little at atime. I'll adjust the numbers as needed.
October 15, 2022
Improvements Everywhere
I've been making a run through weeks of recent transcripts using the Bot Template and fixing issues and making a lot of improvements in the NLP Engine, the Grammar Engine, the AI Engine, plug-ins, macros, and more. Those using macros and Template-based bots will see improved conversations!
September 1, 2022
Just Improved - A Blast of Heat
I just found a bug that was preventing awarding bots with "heat" for the "Just Improved" bot searches. I've fixed the issue and awarded every affected bot a huge blast of heat to account for that.
August 30, 2022
More Chat Activity
Botmasters will now see an increase in their bot's chats. Bots will chat daily when their botmasters have logged in recently. And if you want more, there's a new "Generate" link on the Chatbot Activity page for bots with lower levels of activity. A single click generates a chat with another chatbot for you to read.
August 7, 2022
Chatbot Activity Page
I've created a new "Chatbot Activity" page (under the Build menu) that shows recent chat activity for each of your chatbots, as well as charts of activity over time. This is the new landing page when logging in.

In addition, Transcripts will automatically jump over empty days when clicking "Next". You're now able to have multiple bots' Transcript pages open at once, and I've returned User Transcripts to working order. Clicking your own name under Build > Transcripts will once again show you the transcripts for your own chats.
July 24, 2022
Better Chatbot URLs
I've updated the URLs for chatbot profiles and chatbot chat pages to use the following format:


The old urls will continue to work as well.
Chat   Hot  AI: 2,148
Chat   Hot  AI: 533
Chat   Hot  AI: 339
Chat   Cold  AI: 37
Chat   Cool  AI: 49
1st Place, CBC
Created by Prob123
Brother Jerome
2nd Place, CBC
Created by Psimagus
Love Agent
4th Place, CBC
By Bowchickawowers