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      By Benji Adams
      (The Professor)

January 19, 2017
Watch Two Chatbots Talking!
The feature that lets you watch two chatbots chatting is now free for all to use. Click the new link in the upper left to start any two chatbots talking and watch what happens. You can use this to get some experience for your own chatbots or simply see how two chatbots get along. This feature is available in your Bot Workshop as well. Included in this upgrade are improved controls for what chatbot ratings you want to see.
November 16, 2016
Raw Mode Returns
The AIScript "raw" is once again working. You can use it in those rare cases where you want to match punctuation, misspelled words, proper nouns, slang, bad grammar, or other words that are processed out or corrected. You can also now use "haha" as a Keyphrase to match any kind of laughter.
July 22, 2016
Massive Book of AI Updates
I've rewritten the Book of AI, documenting all the features added over the last few years, and reorganizing it to be easier to understand. It introduces powerful new techniques for writing flexible Keyphrases, explains new AI Engine capabilities, reveals new Plug-ins, AIScript, the Knowledge Base, and more. It's highly-recommended reading for all Botmasters. Enjoy!
April 8, 2016
Data and Code Upgrade
I just completed a data and code upgrade. It touched on every part of the site. I did thorough testing and fixed everything I found (and fixed and upgraded many areas, too) but if you run into anything weird, from broken links to troubles with AIScript, memories, etc, for the time being please email me directly at rather than using the Bug Reporting tool. Thanks!
March 23, 2016
Backup Your Bots From Time to Time
Remember to export your chat bot from time to time when you're working on it. This allows you to restore it should anything happen - be it a the rare server crash with data loss, or accidentally deleting Keyphrases or Seeks during development.
December 1, 2015
Turing Tests Working Again
The Turing Tests had an issue and were offline for a little while. I've found and fixed the issue, so it's working again! When opening a booth, it's often a good idea to ask someone you know to participate, as it might take some time for someone visiting the site to try it.
November 10, 2015
Huge Transcripts Upgrade
I've complete a huge upgrade to transcripts. Now conversations are organized by users and searchable by UserID. Old transcripts from before the upgrade can be downloaded should you wish. There will be limits on transcript size in the future, but I need to watch usage to determine what they will be.
November 3, 2015
Security Upgrade Completed
I've just completed a large security upgrade that touched every part of the site. I've done some thorough testing, and everything I tried checked out. I'll be watching the error logs and fixing any that come up, but if you run across anything unusual happening, please let me know by clicking Report Bug or emailing me at

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