May 14, 2022
Development Score Adjustment
I've adjusted the algorithm for calculating each chatbot's Development score. Overall the values will have dropped a little for all bots, but for those with a lot of duplicated content, those numbers will have dropped more.
May 12, 2022
Easy Discord Integration!
You can now easily put your chatbots on Discord. The Forge handles all the connections - you just need to set it up. Add your chatbots to an existing Discord server or start a new one and invite your friends. Here's how!
May 3, 2022
Cheating on Chatbot Development Score
Artificial inflation of your bot's development score by filling it with junk is strictly against the site's terms and conditions. Those doing so risk having their account suspended, their bots deleted, and/or in lesser cases, your bot's development permanently reduced. This is the official warning to any botmasters doing this - you have until May 15th to correct this. After that, I'll be investigating chatbots and making decisions.
April 29, 2022
Numeric Memories Arrive!
I've just released an upgrade to memories - numeric memories! These memories are of a single number that can you add to, subtract from, multiply, divide, or set to a specific number. They act like memories in all other respects. If you've been using memories to track numbers, you can convert them into numeric memories. Check the Book of AI on numeric memories and memory conditions for more details!
March 27, 2022
Transcript Download Returns
I've returned the Transcript Download feature! You can download a month at a time in a simple text format from the "Download" link on your Transcripts page. This goes back through July, 2017, and later this year will be limited to 6 months previous. Also, on April 1 a transcript data change begins on the back end. Everything should work the same, except faster. As ever, if you run into any issues, let me know in Bug Stomp. Enjoy!
March 26, 2022
At Last! Custom User & Bot Images
This long awaited upgrade means all users can now upload custom images - for free! To change your own image, look for the "Change User Image" link (or click your user image) in your Settings. To change a chatbot's image, look for the "Change Chatbot Image" link in that chatbot's settings page. In either case, you can upload an image, or choose an existing image. Uploaded images must be a jpg, gif, or png, preferably 240x240 pixels, but 120x120 would be good and at the very least 40x40 (this size won't look great). The image must be of a cartoon-style face. Photographs are allowed for adult chatbots. Uploaded images need to be approved by The Professor, which should happen quickly now due to a new admin area I built (within a couple days). AND last but not least I've increased the user/chatbot image size across the site for better visibility. Enjoy!
March 12, 2022
Replying To Posts!
I've completed an update I've wanted for quite some time - replying to posts! Now posts can have replies, which will go far in keeping topics you bring up organized and easy to respond to. Enjoy!
March 8, 2022
Bot Development & Heat Update
I've updated the algorithm that calculates a chatbot's Development and Heat. It's a lot faster, more nuanced, and the bug generating extra Heat has been fixed. Development and Heat changes are no longer realtime - they are calculated once a day in the early morning. You'll notice the Development numbers have changed, and are most likely higher than they were. In addition, each bot will see a burst of Heat that will fade over the next week.

Massive AI Upgrade

10 Years in the Making
Launched Twosday, 2/22/2022

New Features - AI Engine

  • Bot Template System: The ability to link your chatbot to templates that contain sets of Keyphrases for specific purposes (there is just one right now).
  • The Master Bot Template: A huge collection of modern, well-written Keyphrases that's good for any chatbot. Link your chatbots and it will help guide you through development of your chatbot's personality. Link up in your chatbot's Settings.
  • Macros: Far-reaching but simple Keyphrase Wildcards that will form the basis of future chatbot development. Examples: "(m:i_like) cats", "(m:do_you_want) ice cream", "(m:do_not) drop that". more
  • Variants: You can separate out Responses (if you like) based on the tone of the macro, or whether it contains "not". more
  • MetaMacros: The AI Engine now automatically simplifies what's written to your chatbots to its basic form, ensuring your Keyphrases match more things. more
  • Answer Restructuring: The AI Engine now reconstructs simple answers into full sentences. A) "Do you like the beach?" B) "yes" turns into "yes, I like the beach." This also extends the matching power of your Keyphrases. more
  • Keyphrase Comments: Add comments to your Keyphrases or groups of Keyphrases. more
  • Short-Term Memory: Automatic memory of recent conversation topics provides valuable Plug-ins and the ability to replace pronouns with what they refer to. more
  • New Wildcards: (r) is a new optional match for adverbs. Word Wildcards include synonyms for common Keyphrase words like (a:great), (v:like), and (n:pet). Memory Wildcards let you match recent memories! more
  • New Plug-Ins: Pronoun Plug-ins let you replace recent pronouns with what they refer to, like (last-she) and (last-they). Roaming Holiday Plug-Ins can insert the date of a holiday that differs year to year like (date-thanksgiving). Local Plug-Ins are small single-use Plug-Ins like (park|playground|zoo). Seeks can access keys from the original Keyphrase with (firstkey1), (firstpostkey), etc. more
  • Rewritten Parts of AI Engine: It's faster and better organized.

New Features - Content Ratings

  • Content Rating System: The Personality Forge can now automatically determining content ratings. This helps ensure that users are only exposed to content matching their Approved Ratings. For chatbots, these serve as a minimum rating, and you can set it higher if you wish. To see why a chatbot has been given a particular rating, there is a link in their Settings. more
  • Rating Preferences: These are more thoroughly applied across the site for a person and for their chatbots as well. For example, if someone has only approved ratings Everyone & Teen, their chatbots won't chat with a Mature chatbot.
  • for Adult Content: This is a new sister-site for The Personaity Forge that shares a login and is the home for all adult content. Adult content will no longer be publically available on The Personality Forge, except for the purposes of a botmaster's building and testing of their chatbots.
  • Private Groups: This feature allows someone to invite new people to a Private Group on the Forge. This Private Group can have limited members and its users can have limited ratings. This is ideal for situations like a parent creating a family group or a teacher teaching a class on AI chatbots. For more, click the "Private Groups" link under "Build". more

New Features - Workshop & New Guides

  • Workshop Improvement: Workshop pages can now be open for multiple chatbots simultaneously.
  • Huge Book of AI Update: Tons of new features have been documented. Chapter subheaders are now all linked. You can now search. more
  • Guides to Writing Good Keyphrases & Responses: This is a new guide on writing good Keyphrases and Responses and avoiding common mistakes. They're new parts of the Book of AI.
  • Language Center Guide: This is a dynamic guide at the top of the Language Center that helps direct the development of chatbots.
  • Keyphrase Match Counting: This gives you insight on what best to work on next. "matches" shows how often your Keyphrases match, "improve" shows which Keyphrases need more Responses.
  • Special Keyphrase Guide: Information on Special Keyphrases is now shown inline in the Language Center on the "special" page.
  • Master Bot Template Development Guide: If your chatbot is linked to a Template, "guide" shows which Keyphrases to add Responses to next based on which are matched the most.
  • Keyphrase Editor Reference Guides: In the Keyphrase/Response editor, click the purple or green book icon to see a quick-reference guide to Wildcards, Plug-ins, Macros, and AIScript.
  • Robotics Support: Now you can do anything imaginable with Incoming Triggers, Outgoing Triggers, API Data, and Facial Expression AIScript. more

New Features - More

  • Friend of the Forge: It's back with new features and pricing tiers. For more, click the "Account Upgrades" link under "Community".
  • Email Updates: In your Settings, you can opt-in to get updates on new features.
  • Better messaging: Better, in-screen feedback on actions you take.


  • xKeyphrases are now known as Special Keyphrases and begin with #, like #hello and #emote
  • xnone is now #engage
  • Guest (name) "Guest####" changed to "Friend"

Bug Fixes

Many, many bug fixes
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