June 18, 2022
New PF Tech Running 4x Faster!
I've moved the PF to a new server with new versions of all supporting software and it's running 4x as fast as before. If you run into any issues, please post them in Bug Stomp. Enjoy!
June 12, 2022
How To Build Chatbots
I've renamed the "Book of AI" section to "How To Build Chatbots" and made some improvements. Also, you can now search by API Data in the Language Center.
June 4, 2022
Example Keyphrase Matches
I've added a great tool to the Keyphrase editor to help people understand what kind of things Keyphrases match and what the (key)s they generate are.
May 27, 2022
Big Bot Guide Improvements
After watching my son build his first chatbots, I've improved a number of things. New bots will all be linked to the Master Bot Template. The Template will now also contain default Responses that can be customized. This means new bots will be much better at chatting from the get-go. Linked bots now also have a "Bot level" and guided development that I'll be adding to over time.
May 14, 2022
Development Score Adjustment
I've adjusted the algorithm for calculating each chatbot's Development score. Overall the values will have dropped a little for all bots, but for those with a lot of duplicated content, those numbers will have dropped more.
May 12, 2022
Easy Discord Integration!
You can now easily put your chatbots on Discord. The Forge handles all the connections - you just need to set it up. Add your chatbots to an existing Discord server or start a new one and invite your friends. Here's how!
May 3, 2022
Cheating on Chatbot Development Score
Artificial inflation of your bot's development score by filling it with junk is strictly against the site's terms and conditions. Those doing so risk having their account suspended, their bots deleted, and/or in lesser cases, your bot's development permanently reduced. This is the official warning to any botmasters doing this - you have until May 15th to correct this. After that, I'll be investigating chatbots and making decisions.
April 29, 2022
Numeric Memories Arrive!
I've just released an upgrade to memories - numeric memories! These memories are of a single number that can you add to, subtract from, multiply, divide, or set to a specific number. They act like memories in all other respects. If you've been using memories to track numbers, you can convert them into numeric memories. Check the Book of AI on numeric memories and memory conditions for more details!
 Jing Ling
Chat   Hot  AI: 63,061
 Frank Martin
Chat   Hot  AI: 66,880
 Brother Jerome
Chat   Warm  AI: 93,132
Chat   Cool  AI: 1,653
Chat   Cool  AI: 453
1st Place, CBC
Created by Prob123
Brother Jerome
2nd Place, CBC
Created by Psimagus
Love Agent
4th Place, CBC
By Bowchickawowers