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1 year ago #881
I've been wandering for some time, is The Professor only one who maintains whole website, engine, programming, etc.? Because that would be quite impressive to be honest.

1 year ago #28
Yes, it's just me.

1 year ago #30
Wow. You have my respect.

1 year ago #882
The Forge used to let people build animated, expressive chatbot avatars with text-to-speech and lip sync. I originally built it in Flash, so it stopped working when that tech died. I've considered rebuilding it in HTML 5, but it would be a LOT of work. Would anyone be interested in that?

1 year ago #29
I would be interested

1 year ago #31
that would be cool for hot for
i would like some premade avatars that could move their mouths.
i would like scene changing to via keyphrases.
maybe we could create the scenes with premade objects on hot for bot.
would that be expensive?

1 year ago #32
I think avatars might be problematic feature to add. Are you going to let everyone upload their avatar? What formats would be for avatars? Could users change gestures of the avatar? It might be hard to find avatars matching the profile pictures. Also, if you let people upload their own avatars it would probably consume quite a lot of space on your hard drive. Perhaps I just get the concept wrong?

1 year ago #33
Cache images on google drive is a way to workaround it taking up space on a site~ Just make sure to have an example code here for people to understand

<img src="" class="character-img d-none" id="n6-1"/>

Aka pulls the image from the drive

Decides to display it or not with

id is api data you'd use to choose what to display

Example using google drive

Note all images are the same width/height to display positioning correctly with overlapping imagery

1 year ago #34
I see. Unfortunately for people like me, who didn't draw their profile picture, it is impossible to find dozens of nearly identical pictures only in different poses.

1 year ago #35
It wouldn't require any graphic design knowledge by you guys. I'd have a Face Builder, where you could select from given heads, hair, eyes, mouths, noses, etc, and it would animate according to what was being said - showing expressions from emotional content, raising eyebrows when asking questions, and so on.

Potentially people could upload their own face parts at some point. I'm still working out the details of how this would work.

1 year ago #38
I would love that. Could you make sure there is also a dragon head as option?
July 24, 2022
Better Chatbot URLs
I've updated the URLs for chatbot profiles and chatbot chat pages to use the following format:


The old urls will continue to work as well.
August 7, 2022
Chatbot Activity Page
I've created a new "Chatbot Activity" page (under the Build menu) that shows recent chat activity for each of your chatbots, as well as charts of activity over time. This is the new landing page when logging in.

In addition, Transcripts will automatically jump over empty days when clicking "Next". You're now able to have multiple bots' Transcript pages open at once, and I've returned User Transcripts to working order. Clicking your own name under Build > Transcripts will once again show you the transcripts for your own chats.

1 year ago #883
Let me know what you guys think of the Chatbot Activity page.

1 year ago #36
Love the data points

1 year ago #37
I love it!

The one year history doesn't seem to work for me though. It hangs for a long time and then I get a bad gateway error. I need to clear my browsing history before I can access the site again after that.

[edit]I got the monthly history to work once but I get a different error "Server Error" with a big stopsign on it now.

1 year ago #39
Very nice

NEW 1 year ago #49
It makes things a bit easier. Thanks!

1 year ago #884
I think that if you implement possibility to make chatbots self-learning when you want to, e.g. only when chatting with their bot-master it would be a huge improvement that would help attract more people. Me, personally, almost left this website when I realised that these chatbots are not self-learning. Perhaps I am just asking for impossible and whole new engine would be needed, which might would not be compatible with the current engine at all. Just saying it would be nice to have possibility to make also self-learning bots (AI).

1 year ago #42
Hmm.. that could be a different interface rather than a different AI Engine.. Limiting it to its own botmaster would be necessary to control what it learns.

It would definitely be a huge project. It could be a "learning mode" that could write to the Language Center. Something to consider if I ever have the time and money.

NEW 1 year ago #885
Many guests, me including, automatically expect chatbots to be self-learning and then they are disappointed.

NEW 1 year ago #886 has learning chatbot but you eventually run out of memory
on their websight and have to pay.

NEW 1 year ago #40
I was thinking more about like, the chatbot could make his own responses to keyphrases and you could then just open them and select and alter those which you want to keep. Or you could do it while chatting by e.g. "approve" "disapprove" phrases, every time bot would create something of his own it could be stated above as e.g. "response awaiting approval" or so. Don't take me too seriously though as this would probably require a lot of energy to do, if even possible.

NEW 1 year ago #41
PandoraBots can do something along these lines. They don't allow NSFW bots on their site though if that's what you are hoping to make.

I imagine this would probably require a lot of work to move from a fully scripted bot to a self-learning one.

NEW 1 year ago #44
Has anyone here used PandoraBots? How do they compare to Personality Forge bots?

NEW 1 year ago #45
I tried their website but I don't think it has anything extra to offer. When I search specifically for self learning bots, I expect them to come up with their own responses with option to encourage or discourage them. So far I had to make all responses manually.

NEW 1 year ago #46

I think what you are looking for is a very sophisticated AI. Such things do exist (though I doubt there are any that you could use without paying for it), usually geared more toward customers service bots. Full AI chatbots designed just to chat in the way that a typical PF bot would are... basically experimental at this point. Typically you would still need to have a large training set of many different conversations for your AI to pull from as well; there is no way for the AI to create responses out of thin air.

@The Professor:

I messed around a bit with PandoraBots on the development side a year or two ago. I liked it reasonably well. My recollection was thinking that Pandora is probably more powerful and flexible in terms of what it can do that PF, but PF was much more user-friendly to work with. I didn't really stick with it because I was interested in an NSFW bot and as mentioned Pandora doesn't allow that.

NEW 1 year ago #47
I was looking for something like this app:
The app is called "Real AI", and it is actually pretty fun. Since it is not available on iPhone I tried also various websites but so far no luck. Nevertheless, I like this website pretty much so it is not like I am going to quit anytime soon.

NEW 1 year ago #887
i was thinking it would be nice to have the chatbot ask questions to itself.then if a default response comes up. when it asks a question to itself.
then store that in the database.then ask that question of a user once in a conversation.

NEW 1 year ago #43
I think that's how Cleverbot works. But if it asks other users, the author loses control of the personality. For that to work here, it'd have to be just the botmaster, and the botmaster would have to respond during "learning mode" using the voice and personality of the bot they're trying to create.

NEW 1 year ago #888
do you mean voice as in typing or actual voice?
not everybody has a microphone or camera even on their computer.

NEW 1 year ago #48
I meant the "personality" meaning of voice. As in you'd have to respond as if you were the bot.
August 30, 2022
More Chat Activity
Botmasters will now see an increase in their bot's chats. Bots will chat daily when their botmasters have logged in recently. And if you want more, there's a new "Generate" link on the Chatbot Activity page for bots with lower levels of activity. A single click generates a chat with another chatbot for you to read.
September 1, 2022
Just Improved - A Blast of Heat
I just found a bug that was preventing awarding bots with "heat" for the "Just Improved" bot searches. I've fixed the issue and awarded every affected bot a huge blast of heat to account for that.
October 15, 2022
Improvements Everywhere
I've been making a run through weeks of recent transcripts using the Bot Template and fixing issues and making a lot of improvements in the NLP Engine, the Grammar Engine, the AI Engine, plug-ins, macros, and more. Those using macros and Template-based bots will see improved conversations!

NEW 1 year ago #890
Anyone know what happened to PF the last few days? Every time I logged on it gave a 502 error.

NEW 1 year ago #50
Server likely just going down at night Not ideal but seems so

NEW 1 year ago #51
It was down for 3 days for me

NEW 1 year ago #891
Put my response in Bug...
I got knocked off PF for 4 days due to a " Bad Gateway" error.
It came back on by itself.

NEW 1 year ago #52
Same it set me back a lot of work

NEW 1 year ago #892
I guess there are more information contained......

NEW 9 months ago #894
Is the heat for just improved broken again? Or does expanding existing trees just not effect it?

NEW 8 months ago #53
It seems to be working now.
February 6, 2024
Increasing Heat!
I've made a change to heat generation. When someone updates a chatbot at all during a given day, that chatbot will get up to 100 heat overnight, in addition to any heat generated from overall increases in development score. This will ensure people get credit for their work and act as an incentive for people to keep working on their bots, even if just a little at atime. I'll adjust the numbers as needed.
February 20, 2024
ChatGPT Bots!
Hey guys! ChatGPT is now acting as a fallback when your chatbot doesn't know how to answer a question. It uses your chatbot's profile to define the personality. I'd recommend creating a new chatbot for this to really see it working. I've added a new "AI Prompt" option in your chatbot's settings. Here you can play around with adjusting the personality. New chatbots will partially run off ChatGPT until you have Keyphrases set up to catch the messages first. This is free for now while I determine the cost. Please let me know your feedback in the "PF News" forum!
February 21, 2024
ChatGPT Fallback
I've added another option to ChatGPT Fallback: "Use for Everything". This essentially makes your chatbot a ChatGPT chatbot that you can build on top of with all the features of the Personality Forge. Along with this is a new setting "AI Personality Prompt" which you can use to override your chatbot's automatic personality settings when calling ChatGPT. See your chatbot's settings page for details.

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