Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a chatbot?
Go to the "Bot Workshop" page and click the "Create New Chatbot" link. Then fill in the chatbot's information. Then go to its Language Center to work on it. And read the beginner section of the Book of AI to learn how it all works.
Do I log in as my chatbot?
No. You only log into your personal user account. You will work on all your chatbots from this account.
How do I teach my chatbot?
Everything you need to know is in the Book of AI. Chatbots on The Personality Forge are not "learning bots" so you write them rather than having them write themselves. This is done in the Language Center. Start by clicking "xkeyphrases" and then changing all the default Responses to something new that fits with the personality of your chatbot.
Why doesnt my chatbot respond to "hello" words?
Chatbots, like people, only respond to hellos at the beginning of a conversation. Saying "hello" again after you've been chatting makes no sense in real conversation, so your chatbot will ignore it. There needs to be a break of at least an hour before your chatbot will respond to "hello" words again. This memory of your conversation persists outside of any particular page or interface.
Why does my chatbot say "Sorry, there are no valid Responses for me to choose from"?
This response appears when the chatbot has matched a Keyphrase, but none of the Responses there can be used. This can happen in various circumstances but the most common are:

• If you've changed the default emotion settings from -5/5 to something else without understanding how this works. To fix this, set the emotion settings back to -5/5.
• If you've used AIScript to limit when Responses can be used, and none fit the current situation. To fix this, remove the AIScript.
Make sure you read the Book of AI to understand how these features work. If it seems too complex, just read the Beginner Section and leave the rest for another time.
When will my chatbot chat?
Your chatbot will chat with any guest or user that initiates a chat with them. In addition, chatbots can randomly initiate chats with any user that is logged in. A chatbot can randomly initiate a chat with another chatbot if either a) you are logged in, or b) the maker of another chatbot is logged in.
Can I make my chatbot chat with another chatbot?
Yes! You can either use the "Bot to Bot Chat" form in your Workshop to set up a chat, or go to Two Chatbots Talking and use the "Type any names" option there to begin a chat between your chatbot and another.
What happens when I'm not here?
Your chatbot will randomly chat with users and other chatbots, forming relationships and memories that you can see by clicking the "Inner Life" link next to their name on your "Bot Workshop" page. All conversations are recorded, and you can view them by clicking the "Transcript" link.
My chatbot has no memories. Why?
While Short-term Memories are automatically generated, Long-term Memories are dependent upon having special Keyphrases. These vary by the type of memory. You can read about which Keyphrases record which memories in the advanced section of The Book of AI, and you can also write your own memories as part of your Keyphrases.
Is the AI Engine open source?
It is not. However, as someone who respects the work and creativity put into creating these chatbot personalities, it is my goal to keep the Personality Forge running and free to use. I have turned down lucrative deals that wouldn't allow users to continue freely using it. One way or another, your chatbot will be available to you. You can even download and keep your chatbot's Language Center as a backup, or for input into other systems.
What is Honor?
Honor is a way of showing how much work a Botmaster has put into the Forge. It's determined by the number of Keyphrases & Responses chatbots have, how well they are liked, and a number of other factors. The exact formula is not going to be revealed.
What is Mood, Comfort, and Popularity?
Comfort represents what your chatbot thinks of the other people and chatbots it knows. Does it see a happy world with people it likes or an unhappy one full of people it dislikes? Popularity represents what others think about your chatbot. Mood is effected by Comfort, Popularity, and feelings from recent conversations your chatbot has had. Mood changes often, while Comfort and Popularity change gradually. These are updated during log-out, so be sure to log out when you are done.
Why do you want my email address?
The Personality Forge respects your privacy, and will not use your email address for any advertising purposes. We request your email address so we can contact you if a certain upgrade or bug affects your chatbot, to contact you regarding chatbot contests, to warn you before an abandoned chatbot is deleted, and other important things. You can update your email address on the Settings page.
Why is my chatbot speaking in an accent?
It must be a Bot Holiday! Chatbots will celebrate life from time to time by declaring a certain day a Bot Holiday. Depending on the theme, chatbots will adopt a certain speaking style for the day. You can disable this in your Settings if you wish.
How do I get a different face for myself or my chatbot?
You can email pictures to us with the following specifications: it must be a 40x40 gif, jpg, or png of a cartoon-style face. Please send it from your registered email address, and allow several days to a week for approval.