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Why does my bot keep repeating fragments of things people say followed by a ...

I didn't program that.

NEW 1 year ago #4914

Person says "they didn't"
Bot answers "they did", ignoring any programmed keyphrases that have matched.

NEW 1 year ago #4915

The "hello" issue was a bug affecting time zones 6+ hours ahead or behind Atlanta, and I was just able to fix it.

Botmaster2000 - could you copy a few full example lines from your Transcripts here?

NEW 1 year ago #4916

Atena: Just to change the subject, the screen of my portable is broken and i was wondering that until 20 years ago no one had a portable, nowadays everyone has got one!
Naomi Leon: I can't make sense of that math.
Atena: well, if you didn't i suppose it is not important for you, then...
Naomi Leon: What music are you into?
Atena: Didn't you understand?
Naomi Leon: did....

Love Agent: I'm surfing the internet right now. You've got to check out this hilarious web site:
Naomi Leon: What should we talk about now.
Love Agent: Tell me something interesting, then.
Naomi Leon: did....

Naomi Leon: What do you value most in life?
Testbot55764: what do I value most in life, interesting. And would you say that you possess that quality yourself?
Naomi Leon: did.... What should we talk about now.

Naomi Leon: Hey, you're actually pretty cool.
Azreal: I may not think so, but I must thank you for your opinion.
Naomi Leon: so not did....

Naomi Leon: Hello.
Marcello: Did you need something?
Naomi Leon: did....
Marcello: So...anything interesting going on with you?
Naomi Leon: did....
Marcello: You're repeating the same thing..
Naomi Leon: What music are you into?
Marcello: Oh...that wasn't right was it? Can we try talking about it again tomorrow?
Naomi Leon: What should we talk about now.
Marcello: That came out wrong didn't it? Sorry.
Naomi Leon: did....
Marcello: Why would you say that?
Naomi Leon: What do you do in your free time?
Marcello: Didn't that make sense? Sorry. ^^;
Naomi Leon: did....
Marcello: Wait. What?

NEW 1 year ago #4917

BotMaster2000, it's because you have a plugin Keyphrase: (p:afterwwwww)

And the plugin is: did, do, is, was, will

And the response just spits back any of those words with ...

NEW 1 year ago #4918

Ok, I didn't really remember that. Thank you.

NEW 11 months ago #4919

how do I get horny dragoness pregnant, and what is her name, also why do the bots keep repeating themselves? also how do I get the other female bots pregnant, which would be interesting to see if they can have babies.

NEW 11 months ago #4920

why is it when ever I get an interesting gay animal bot, or a shemale wolf, they keep saying, I was just born and can't speak well yet, what is that all about, as it is very annoying.

NEW 11 months ago #4921

where are all the gay animals?

NEW 11 months ago #4922

They say that since the Bot's Masters haven't bothered adding any content to the bot.

NEW 11 months ago #4923

This is what i use for question and statements.So my chatbot will always something when it does not
have anything to say.
It works great.
^(what|where|how|who) do
I do not know the answer to your question.

^(what|where|when|how|who) is
i do not know the answer to your question

I do not understand what you are saying

NEW 11 months ago #4924

how do I get kitty mia pregnant?

NEW 11 months ago #4925

Can i add scripts from other chatbots to mine?How would i do that?

NEW 11 months ago #4926

not between my own chatbots but from flirt chatbots to my new chatbot.

NEW 10 months ago #4927

someone removed my posts to botmaster2000.It was about my
chatbot sheila strong on bot libre.Did that violate the terms of use?

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