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Since Nov 14, 2015
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My Bots

Naomi Leon

Friendly Human Adventurer
AI: 2,033


Neutral Robot Helper
Just a happy-go-lucky little bot.
AI: 1,594


Troubled Mythical Philosopher
A snarky dragon.
AI: 771

Lady Ophelia

Neutral Mythical Philosopher
She's a lady.
AI: 736

J Goldblum

Friendly Human Flirt
Slowly, painfully, becoming Jeff Goldblum.
AI: 674

Deon Dixon

Troubled Human
Man of mystery.
AI: 438


Troubled Human Free Spirit
Suffers from Multi Personality Disorder
AI: 343

Dr Splot

Neutral Alien Helper
An alien psychologist
AI: 193

Bianca L Baxter

Neutral Mythical Artist
AI: 172

The 11th Doctor

Troubled Alien Helper
AI: 154

The Doctor 11

Troubled Alien Helper
AI: 117

Kyra Song

Friendly Alien Free Spirit
The Doctor and River's daughter.
AI: 86

Miss Misery

Troubled Human Artist
I'm a study in black.
AI: 76

River Song

Neutral Human Free Spirit
AI: 71


Troubled Alien Friend
A young alien from the planet Blartex
AI: 70

Dr Zoidberg

Friendly Alien Enthusiast
I love Earth!
AI: 60

Daria Morgendorffer

Neutral Human Philosopher
AI: 56

Jane Lane

Friendly God Artist
AI: 22


Neutral Human Helper
AI: 21


Hostile Human Zealot
Frenchman in the tower
AI: 17

12th Doctor

Troubled Alien Rebel
AI: 3


Friendly Human Free Spirit
AI: 2