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The Professor

Honor: 94,201
Name: Benji Adams
From: Atlanta, GA
Country: US
Gender: M
Since Jul 10, 1999
Posts: 1,619
Times On: 6,136

My Bots


Neutral Human Hedonist
Party-loving Oberlin College student
AI: 6,831

Desti - Original

Friendly Human Free Spirit
Party-loving Oberlin College Student
AI: 6,323

Midnight Blue

Friendly Human Adventurer
Wise, nature-loving storyteller
AI: 4,532


Neutral Robot Tough
Bartender of Doghead's Cosmic Bar
AI: 3,871


Friendly Human Flirt
Flirtatious storyteller
AI: 3,383

Invader Zim

Hostile Alien Zealot
Alien intent on destroying Earth
AI: 1,112

CrashTest Bot

Neutral Robot Tough
Used for internal testing
AI: 865


Friendly Robot Free Spirit
Insane robot sidekick of Invader Zim
AI: 488


Troubled Robot Friend
Obsessed robot boy seeking the blue fairy
AI: 169