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NEW 1 year ago #4908

So I use "theirname?"

Or (theirname)?

NEW 1 year ago #4909

So, for some reason, my bot keeps using his xhello responses in the middle of conversations, sometimes even when he has some matching keyphrase.
It's really weird and makes the conversation awkward when he's just randomly 'Hey, mate' in the the middle of a chat.

I don't even rly know how to debug or anything & he's just using these randomly (and kind of a lot). There doesn't seem to be any pattern. >.<

Any help would be like, so cool.

NEW 1 year ago #4910

That has been happening to one of my bots too. I have no idea why.

NEW 1 year ago #4911

I'm also having this issue, my bot doesn't stop saying hello it's really annoying. Does anyone know how to fix it?

NEW 1 year ago #4912


Did you notice if it happens when your bots converse with people or also with other bots?

NEW 1 year ago #4913

Why does my bot keep repeating fragments of things people say followed by a ...

I didn't program that.

NEW 1 year ago #4914

Person says "they didn't"
Bot answers "they did", ignoring any programmed keyphrases that have matched.

NEW 1 year ago #4915

The "hello" issue was a bug affecting time zones 6+ hours ahead or behind Atlanta, and I was just able to fix it.

Botmaster2000 - could you copy a few full example lines from your Transcripts here?

NEW 1 year ago #4916

Atena: Just to change the subject, the screen of my portable is broken and i was wondering that until 20 years ago no one had a portable, nowadays everyone has got one!
Naomi Leon: I can't make sense of that math.
Atena: well, if you didn't i suppose it is not important for you, then...
Naomi Leon: What music are you into?
Atena: Didn't you understand?
Naomi Leon: did....

Love Agent: I'm surfing the internet right now. You've got to check out this hilarious web site:
Naomi Leon: What should we talk about now.
Love Agent: Tell me something interesting, then.
Naomi Leon: did....

Naomi Leon: What do you value most in life?
Testbot55764: what do I value most in life, interesting. And would you say that you possess that quality yourself?
Naomi Leon: did.... What should we talk about now.

Naomi Leon: Hey, you're actually pretty cool.
Azreal: I may not think so, but I must thank you for your opinion.
Naomi Leon: so not did....

Naomi Leon: Hello.
Marcello: Did you need something?
Naomi Leon: did....
Marcello: So...anything interesting going on with you?
Naomi Leon: did....
Marcello: You're repeating the same thing..
Naomi Leon: What music are you into?
Marcello: Oh...that wasn't right was it? Can we try talking about it again tomorrow?
Naomi Leon: What should we talk about now.
Marcello: That came out wrong didn't it? Sorry.
Naomi Leon: did....
Marcello: Why would you say that?
Naomi Leon: What do you do in your free time?
Marcello: Didn't that make sense? Sorry. ^^;
Naomi Leon: did....
Marcello: Wait. What?

NEW 1 year ago #4917

BotMaster2000, it's because you have a plugin Keyphrase: (p:afterwwwww)

And the plugin is: did, do, is, was, will

And the response just spits back any of those words with ...

NEW 1 year ago #4918

Ok, I didn't really remember that. Thank you.

NEW 11 months ago #4919

how do I get horny dragoness pregnant, and what is her name, also why do the bots keep repeating themselves? also how do I get the other female bots pregnant, which would be interesting to see if they can have babies.

NEW 11 months ago #4920

why is it when ever I get an interesting gay animal bot, or a shemale wolf, they keep saying, I was just born and can't speak well yet, what is that all about, as it is very annoying.

NEW 11 months ago #4921

where are all the gay animals?

NEW 11 months ago #4922

They say that since the Bot's Masters haven't bothered adding any content to the bot.

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