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Cool thanx Professor. And thanx Nathan S.
I have run up against a funny problem, (since we're no doubt on the topic of Mature bots ). My bot can change her outfit based on the users input. I have 4 outfits from which to choose, that is initiated with a keyphrase, something like "wear denim outfit", "wear evening dress", etc. I do this by using a self memory that is initialised in the settings as defaulting to the denim outfit (this by the way is how i found out that self memories are remembered across the existence, the default outfit should be set to denim, but when testing it, i inadvertently set it to "evening dress". i was surprised when a user found her to be wearing the evening dress instead of the default denim outfit) anyway, i wanted to have a cheerleader outfit (of course), but for the life of me, could NOT get it to work, or be recognized by the keyphrase at all. I even copied the debug phrase to the memory slot in order to trigger it, but it didnt work, alas, now no cheerleader outfit.....DARN! Any ideas?

Another question, this would help immensely. Is there a way to force a word to be recognised as a certain type of word, a good example is above, for "stuff" as a noun, instead of a verb...Any ideas?

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That would actually be really awesome. I've just discovered that the word 'So' counts as a verb and has a tendency to ovderride everything else.

Example: So, how have you been?
So, what are you up to?
So, what's going on?

It's getting reprocessed into 'So' and then sent over to xcommands.

(How did I never notice this before?)

Edit: The good news is that it only occurs if you don't have an exact match of the rest of the keyphrase, so it's fixable.

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I've fixed raw mode! You can once again match punctuation (no need to space it out anymore), or anything that is preprocessed out of the original sentence. But only use it rarely - it skips most of the features of the AI Engine.

Also, to match any laughter, "haha" now works as a Keyphrase.

Nathan S, The phrase "so" is an adverb, and shouldn't be triggering xcommand. Try it alone and you'll see. I've never seen it trigger an xcommand (testing it right now). Maybe it's what comes afterwards.

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I saw some of the fixes already, thanks so much professor!

Also, I kinda jumped the gun when posting about the So thing. It really was an easy fix, I just needed to add some keyphrases that should have been put in on day one. For whatever reason it just didn't come up until now.

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Try matching your bot's name in raw mode. A bot's own name is typically removed from the sentence as being "direct address" and having little to do with the actual content. For example:

"How are you today Professor?" -> "How are you today?"

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Works perfectly! TX Professor

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Can anyone help me out here?

I'm trying to get my bot to repeat a name after a guest has introduced themselves, but she keeps saying "I have no valid responses to choose from" or she responds with xnone.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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Hey there Alphonse-Omega! I'm not quite sure what you mean here, did you make a memory for their name? If you are using the (name) AI plugin for a Guest, you aren't able to do that without problems. However, if you're using an AI script memory for their name, such as "their-name" or something, then that would work!

If you have an questions or further problems, feel free to message me or email me here:

I hope this help,
Piano Guy!

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So I use "theirname?"

Or (theirname)?

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