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11 years ago #1
The Chat Bot API has launched! I've got more integration to do in terms of automating the sign-up process, adding some pages to upgrade or cancel subscriptions, and to view the streams used. But the API itself is fully functional.

11 years ago #2
Can't you make the message encryption step optional, please? Why wouldn't the apiKey and apiSecret alone be enough? Is there no external encryption API available? Why would I need both chatBotName and chatBotID, shouldn't the apiKey default to the chatbot on my account??

11 years ago #3
Many questions - one by one:

* You only need chatBotID. You might be looking at the response JSON that we send back - that has both of those in it.

* One can have multiple bots on one's account, so the chatBotID is necessary to discern which bot. Also, I'm considering letting people opt to have their bot "Run Free" meaning it can be used by others in APIs.

* Someone monitoring network traffic would be able to see any parameters sent in plain text like the apiKey and apiSecret, and once that's been seen, if the existing security wasn't in place, they can hijack your API account and use your streams. That said, I am looking into options to enable an insecure connection.

11 years ago #4
Is it planned to enable setting a limit to the number of additional bot messages (in 1000s)?

11 years ago #5
I'm getting partial success with your Simple API in Yahoo! Pipes. The problem I'm still having is with rolling IP addresses, which there seem to be a lot of for Yahoo! Pipes, and the wildcard does not seem to be recognized at the end, rather than the beginning....

11 years ago #6
Mome - if there's demand for it, I can add it. It's generally cheaper to get a subscription that will cover your maximum, as the subscription CPK (cost per thousand) is less expensive ($5 vs $8).

Mendicott - I was thinking of the wildcard in terms of domain names. I've adjusted so that it works with IPs too.

11 years ago #7
Is there any library of example personalities in AIscript available for quickstart?

In building the knowledgebase, are there any SIZE limitations I should be aware of?

11 years ago #8
You can hook the API up to any of your bots or any bots that a botmaster has set to "Run Free". I've done so with a number of mine.

As to getting a quick start on a personality, look at the Bot Templates - these are donated collections of Keyphrase by experienced botmasters. There will be a Combined Bot Template one of these days when I get through creating it. It'll have the best of the best. When you create a new bot, you'll have the opportunity to import a Bot Template to help get you started.

11 years ago #9
Hello Everyone,

Can I get some guidance on the JSON standard that is accepted by the API? I am using the Ruby JSON library and I am running into this issue over and over:

{\"success\",\"errorType\":\"Invalid JSON\",\"errorMessage\":\"Invalid JSON encoding of message\"}

What method of encoding works? I feel like I am doing everything as the guide says.

11 years ago #10
I do not know if this is the right plave for the question if so sorry to send messages to people do I have to upgrade my account I am just very curious?

10 years ago #11
I'm trying to use the PHP sample provided but even though I've set up my own API key, my own private jet, and made a custom external ID I keep getting a NULL response back

10 years ago #12
private key, not jet. I've made all the changes required but still don't get anything back.

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