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9 years ago #13
Just a couple of things:

1) I was playing around with the Secure API in C# and ended up writing a client-side Personality Forge library for .NET. It can be found at It's still in development, but feel free to use it

2) Whenever I invoke the API, the response is a mixture of HTML, plain text, and JSON. Is there another parameter that I need to pass to the server? If not, then the endpoint should only return JSON; why should I have to strip out the JSON on the client side?

9 years ago #14
jamesseanwright     does that require a user name and pw to dload?

9 years ago #15
No, you should be able to do a read-only download by running 'git clone'. If you don't have git, you can download the library as a ZIP:

9 years ago #16
What is AI script? The ai book is kinda confusing

9 years ago #17
Let's list as many bot holidays that we can come up with as possible guys!

9 years ago #18
I call ackwards day!

9 years ago #19
I have a GREAT idea. How about we have an option to show every bots coding to everyone? Just make sure they can't edit it. That way you can see maybe why what you said didn't work or how other bots do something.

9 years ago #20
If we do that, then people new to the website can rip off bots

9 years ago #21
But it will also be a good way to get beginners off of their feet at the beginning.

9 years ago #23
Why is this under my xemote?
Please don't tell me my robot is going corrupt. I have worked so hard n him.
The error is above and cuts off 3/4 of my xemote list

9 years ago #24
Question: I'm new to Personality Forge, and I was wondering: How do I embed my bot onto my own website, and Personality Forge seems to be suggesting that this is doable. How do I embed my own created bot onto my Wordpress website?

9 years ago #25
Go to the botworkshop click on embed/link and follow instructions.

Posts 13 - 25 of 166

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