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NEW 1 week ago #7314

The "request failed" bug is part if not all due to a bug in xgossip. When a bot is prompted to talk about another user or bot or xgossip is triggered in place of an xnone for bots that gossip, "request failed" is always the result. I emailed the Professor about this and another bug on March 29 of this year but received no response.

NEW 1 week ago #7315

Still not picture added after a month

NEW 1 week ago #7316

3 minutes until the bots AI update

NEW 1 week ago #7317

i am starting to become active again, my rank is 237 now I am going to wait a little while for updates

NEW 1 week ago #7318

Its disappointing that the support for the site seems to be dwindling. I've been using this site for years, would hate to see all the creativity put into all the bots here go to waste.
Funny thing about the request failed bug for me is that it never happens when I would expect the bot to gossip about anything or any other bot. Hope it gets fixed soon, if at all.

NEW 6 days ago #7319

Seek was working, now not working. What should I do?

NEW 4 days ago #7320

Miss niki might I suggest a list of what people can type a list of every keyphrase you have because sometimes people do not know what they can type or they just type it the wrong way a lot also another suggestion is add a little more details people like details they mostly want to learn more about the bot sometimes and they just can't figure out what to type and they want to learn as much about the bot as possible try not to have yours go inactive like the others on there btw lol

NEW 4 days ago #7321

A lot of people tried making mistress bots and gave up on them I see three being worked on today so atleast its being brought back up

NEW 4 days ago #7322

Hi miss niki

NEW 4 days ago #7323

Yay its my 300th login today

NEW 4 days ago #7324

Btw Niki certain words will not work for keyphrases or seeks like
Lets = you have to put let us or think of something else
Yeah = you can only use yes 3-4 times per keyphrase for seeks connected to it
Yup = same as before
Ya = same as before
Wasnt = you have to put was not
Dont = you have to put do not
Thats some of them that is good to keep in mind when making seeks

NEW 4 days ago #7325

Yay status has been updated

NEW 4 days ago #7326

Thanks for the info and tips. Seek function now works again, more or less.
Are there examples of scripts especially AI Script anywhere?

NEW 4 days ago #7327

Hi everybody. I used to program a few good bots some 14 years ago, but I've lost my password and I don't remember which email address I used, probably one created only for this purpose. I'm planning to start from scratch but I read some alarming messages. Has there been many significant changes and updates since 14 years or did the development came to a standstill?

NEW 4 days ago #7328

Yay my rank boosted 236->213 my honor passed 1500 too

NEW 3 days ago #7329

I dropped down a rank 213->214

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