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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

19 years ago #13
I am using SuSE Linux 8.1, my browser is alternately Galeon and Mozilla (I've used both, due to Galeon's inability to handle checkboxes). This has happened every time a chat window came up at all (all bots, though). The first chat window will have a message in it, I will respond, and then another window will come up a few seconds later titled "message from (bot)," but nothing will be in it. I've been playing around with simply starting a new message every time and reading the trasscript to figure out what the bot said, but it's not really the same, I guess.

19 years ago #14
More responses and more keyphrases never hurt anyone
The more the merrier, I say

19 years ago #15
Also, I have another question. Not that my bot is very advanced yet, but I keep seeing that she goes online, but she never talks to anyone. This is probably because of the bug, right?

19 years ago #16

19 years ago #17
this site is so awsome and so confusing at the same time, lol

19 years ago #18
It just takes a bit of getting used to. After you get that, you're set.

19 years ago #19
why does my bot only use my respones sometimes? When i say hello, it sometimes uses my responeses, and other times says im young and cant speak well

19 years ago #20
Err how do i advance my bot or anything?

19 years ago #21
Monkey God--
that would be the default xNone. An xNone is called when you say hello but you've already said hello in that conversation

19 years ago #22
ty very much shadyman! ur my hero!

19 years ago #23

19 years ago #24
someone plese help me with this language development thing. I must be dense or something because I cant set it up! HELP!!!!

Posts 13 - 24 of 8,084

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