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Upgrades and changes sometimes have unpredictable results, so post your bugs and glitches in here and I'll get out my trusty wrench and get to fixin'!

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NEW 11 months ago #8154

Yes, sorry. It was a bit of debugging code that I discovered and fixed last night. It should be working fine again now.

NEW 11 months ago #8155

Yep, working again for me!

NEW 11 months ago #8156

Same here, thanks.

NEW 11 months ago #8157

Hello, I am getting a request failed on my main bot here:

Anything I need to do?

NEW 11 months ago #8158

Hi Melody. This was a really tricky one. I spent 3 hours on it today and finally figured it out. Elke was a sort of canary in a coal mine with this, due to the quantity of plugins as Keyphrases. So not only is she working again but the system got a little faster in the process.

NEW 10 months ago #8159

(adjective) plugin doesn't work anymore.

NEW 10 months ago #8160

I find it rather irritating that I have to erase (optional) from the AIScript TextBox in order to proceed. For some odd reason, that string is registering as an actual value in the box, even if I don't even touch the TextBox. I think that should be fixed.

NEW 10 months ago #8161

For some reason my bots never respond to the seek "yes". Every other form of affirmative is fine, like "sure" or "ok", but with "yes" it just goes to xnone.

NEW 10 months ago #8162

Mine is inconsistent with Yes and No Responses. I'm hoping that gets fixed, as well.

NEW 9 months ago #8163

It seems to help if you just phrase the question that is being answered in the positive or negative.
Bot: "Do you want to ski?"
Seek: I want to, I do
Seek: I do not want to, I do not
These by themselves will match a simple yes and no, read on to hear why.

Will be translated by the macros into "I want to ski" and "I do not want to ski, which is also what yes and no seem to be automatically translated into. So if you don't have it looking out for those phrases, it won't match yes or no, which are being automatically processed as the answer in the negative or positive. yes will always be read as "I want to" in this example, so yes won't match unless the engine is looking for the exact phrase, "I want to".
Haven't studied this in the debugger, but it seems to work.

NEW 9 months ago #8164

I know this is a bit old but for VoreFan, try using a different browser such as Firefox to avoid having to delete the 'optional' line. I used to have that same problem when I used Internet Explorer

As for your second question, if Botmaster's suggestion doesn't work try to recreate the problem in Debug mode to find out what yes and no are being reprocessed into and adjust the seek accordingly.

NEW 9 months ago #8165

What causes: "Request failed:" error in a chat?

NEW 8 months ago #8166

Anyone besides me having double negative issues start coming up?


Bot: Ever kill anyone?
User: No, I haven't
Bot: You have? Tell me more.

Bot: Do you like that?
User: No, I don't.
Bot: Great, I'll do it LOTS more.

NEW 8 months ago #8167

Iv have been having problems

Bot:Should I wear this White Shirt or Blue Shirt
User: White Shirt
Bot: Alright thanks!

It uses the Blue shirt dialog not the white shirts dialog

NEW 8 months ago #8168

The answer to these kinds of questions can almost always be found in the debugger. The issue is usually caused by the meta macros that try to simplify user input to get the core meaning.

Often times this can lead to the processor removing key words necessary for the keyphrase to catch.

Once you find out what the input is being translated into, you can adjust the keyphrase to match or just try using raw mode.

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