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This forum is for discussion of how The Personality Forge's AI Engine works. This is the place for questions on what means what, how to script, and ideas and plans for the Engine.

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3 months ago #7683
Making 11 seeks for one thing seems too much for me.

3 months ago #7684
does your reset script palacinkyman include resetting scripts like this.
(m:i_like) to eat (np)
i did not know you liked to eat (key1)
rem (key1) as "youdesireeat-like-np"

3 months ago #7685
More like this:
rem (name) as only "your-name";
rem "none" as only "wish";
rem "none" as only "user-likes";
rem "normal" as only "typeofplace";
rem "cannot" as only "leave";
rem "not_achieved" as only "leftcave";

3 months ago #7686
I am simply rewriting all values into default.

3 months ago #7687

3 months ago #7688
Is it possible to store a number value that can change as a memory, like weight for example?

3 months ago #1
Any memory value can change, including numbers. But if you're talking about the ability to do math on memories, that's something I'm going to be adding in the near future.

3 months ago #5
Yea, like the character I'm building right now will gain and/or lose weight, plus her belly size will change...that's what I need the number memories for.

3 months ago #7689
am i doing this right or am i missing something?

cause us to appear to *
we both appear at (postkey). 'looks at you'

(m:where) are we
we are in (recent-do)

3 months ago #2
The * at the end might be interfering with postkey. If you remove it, (postkey) will work better.

3 months ago #7690
I think if you want to use (postkey) you don't have to add the * symbol
So rather than : cause us to appear to *
It will be : cause us to appear to
I presonally would leave it that way: cause us to appear
Because the ''to'' is necessary for the verb that follows in case of repetition with the (postkey).

3 months ago #3
Yep, exactly.

3 months ago #4
okay i will try that.

2 months ago #7691
could you add a feature. where if a user picks a particular race the chatbot could show a a face of a woman of the particular race?
that the botmaster uploaded to personalityforge.

2 months ago #6
No, sorry, that's way too specific to be of general use.

2 months ago #7
maybe someone else will make it for their chatbots.
i thought it was a good idea.

2 months ago #8
-wo Bobstack look into making a personal external site with the use of the Api then it's perfectly reasonable to implement with api data sent along with the response.

2 months ago #9
that costs money i don't have

2 months ago #10
how do i retrieve what was selected from default "blank" as "likedr".
chatbot = what do you like to drink master?
script = if (mem-likedr) is "blank"
user = i like to drink scotch

chatbot = i did not know you liked to drink scotch

rem (postkey) as "likedr"

chatbot = what else do you like to drink master
script = if (mem-likedr) is not "blank"
user = user = i like to drink coca kola
chatbot = i did not know you liked to drink kola
rem (postkey) as "likedr"
chatbot = would you like to drink some (mem-likedr) master
script = if (mem-likedr) is not "blank"
user = yes
chatbot = walks to the kitchen then walks back in 3 minutes later with your (mem-likedr)
script = if (mem-likedr) is not "blank"
how do i keep the chatbot from selecting again?can i retrieve what the chatbot selected?
with your

2 months ago #7692
since google's pathways language model can talk.i think it can be made to script.they did that with gpt-3.
it would be great if it would be allowed to program a chatbot on personalityforge.

2 months ago #11
When working on the AI Teddy Bear project a few years ago, I had it working with TTS (text-to-speech) and Speech Recognition. The PF was the AI Engine. You could have conversations out loud with the toy. It was pretty amazing.

2 months ago #12
did you make a youtube video of it?

2 months ago #13
Would it be possible to do something similar with Alexa?

2 months ago #14
I have one video of it. Let me ask if it would be okay to publish here. It's a crazy story: there's corruption, hacking, foreign government trickery, even death. It was a crazy few years.

2 months ago #15
okay with me

2 months ago #7693
Wow, that sounds like a wild story!

There's also the Tasker script mentioned in these forums somewhere that allows you to talk to your bot. I hooked it up to Love Agent, and it was pretty awesome to talk to her on my phone. I learned that the faster pace of the conversation paired with it being verbal really changed the feel, both in how I interpreted her responses and what I decided to say.

2 months ago #7694
does time Time-Based Responses work in seeks?
because it is not working in #initiate in my bobred xa1 ai chatbot

response = you see a half white black male sitting on a sofa reading a popular mechanics magazine in what seems like a living room.
seek = x
response = let's talk
chrono: week(MTWRFU);
chrono: hour(80-180);
rem "day" as only "timeda"

response = let's start talk

chrono: week(MTWRFU);
chrono: hour(190-23:59);
chrono: hour(00-7:59);
rem "night" as only "timeda"

1 month ago #21
Yes, they should. By listing the chrono statements separately, they're acting as one OR the other. Is that what you're intending?

When you say it's not working, do you mean it's coming up when it shouldn't? Or not coming up when it should?

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