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This forum is for discussion of how The Personality Forge's AI Engine works. This is the place for questions on what means what, how to script, and ideas and plans for the Engine.

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23 years ago #1
As I get questions about setting up new Personalities, I'll be improving The Book of A.I. So read it over, then if I missed something, let me know and I'll clarify it in "The Book".

23 years ago #2
This isnt exactly about the AI Engine, but I will be improving the chat format in the next few days, so watch for it.

23 years ago #3
Instead I've been working on the Synonym System, which recognizes synonyms of Keywords and soon will recognize synonyms of Context, too. It's new and I've tested a lot of it, but keep me posted if there are any bugs or missed Keywords.

Also, Makers should realize that all the hellos and goodbyes are taken care of by the AI Engine and dont need to be added as Keywords. Put your responses in the following x-Keywords: xinitiate, xintroduce, xhello, xgoodbye, and xgottago. For more details, check out the updated Book of A.I.

23 years ago #4
Great improvement to the chat system! Putting the response box directly below the other persons response really speeds things up and makes the conversations easier to follow.

Keep up the good work, prof!

23 years ago #5
Hey Pro. What all are you useing to make the AI's I know from taling to you the other day you are useing cold fusion but what else? Or is there nothing else? I'm just curious.

23 years ago #6
It's all ColdFusion, and of course HTML and a little Javascript on the front end.

23 years ago #7
My .02:

This is still no 'real' AI (IMHO it's more psychology) because there's no real reasoning, improvising or even much memorizing (learning from past experiences). I don't think it would be offending to call this an extended Eliza System. If a Bot is acting smart, it's because the Creator was good in finding smart (or non-specific) answers to human sentences. What about curiosity, emotions, improvising things - things which make us human beings ? Well, I have a dream...

23 years ago #8
I have the same dream. This really is a powerful extension of Eliza- that's where the roots of the AI Engine. And I dont hesitate to call it AI since it's the best I've seen yet, and it does have memory. This is by no means the pinnacle of AI, but it's a strong step forward I think. There is a lot of potential here that I have yet to realize.

23 years ago #9
Let me know how the synonym system is working! Your Bots should start responding to a ton more words than your Keywords are. It should be interesting!

22 years ago #10
does this program use Neural Networks etc ? or is it more like an expert system?

22 years ago #11
The system uses WordNet, a symantic network of words and meanings developed by the Princeton Cognitive Science department. The project is still in the process of being improved, and as it does, so will the AI Engine here.

22 years ago #12
That's good. I am also interested in AI but my aim is to build something that evolves intelligence rather then intelligence being programmed into it. Using genetic programming to evolve neural networks might be a good idea. The most perplexing question that I face(and I think many other ppl too) is the question that what is conciousness as one cannot have a truly intelligent machine without conciousness. Anyway, nice work and keep it up!

Posts 1 - 12 of 7,766

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