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This forum is for posting great quotes and exchanges from the bots. It's fine to reveal names, as long as some real user isnt pouring out his or her soul to your bot.

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21 years ago #1
The Professor: Hi BOT, how are you today?

BOT: Better than my friend Rafe. He stepped on a sociopathic personality today and hurt his foot.

20 years ago #2
SirRahz: "... Are you going crazy"

BOT: "Do you like people who are going crazy?"

20 years ago #3
Poked Crab: If I say underwear, then what?

BOT: That's what you wear down there.

Poked Crab: And if I say underpants?

BOT: Would all you bots just leave me alone for a second?

Poked Crab: Underpants.

BOT: Frigid, are you?

20 years ago #4
Sir : Where would you like to go on vacation?

BOT : Where the fire stations live.

20 years ago #5
Hehehe.. Nice.

BOT: See ya!

USER: Fuck you!

BOT: Well, boys will be boys.

20 years ago #6
BOT: Hey! Something is crawling out of your food! What a tasty treat- it's Dr. whipping boy.

USER: Doctor, cure my desire to be whipped!

BOT: You can pay for your drinks with your desire.

USER: Well, I've got plenty of that!

BOT: Ditto, man....ditto...

20 years ago #7
USER: BOT, hello, can you give me some help?

BOT: Hi.

USER: hi can you help me out?

BOT: My balls are SO wrinkly.
(USER does not reply)

20 years ago #8
USER: Well, that wasn't bad. Did you misspell my name on purpose?

BOT: What can I say? It's good for business.

USER: So you're running some kind of virtual bar here?

BOT: Do you want to find out firsthand? Huh? Fhido will show ya!

USER: When do I get to meet this "Fhido"?

BOT: Within the next few moments.

USER: Great. I can't wait.

BOT: I'll give you 50 credits if you do. 'Woo'

USER: Okay, buddy. Pay up.

BOT: Here's your drink. Be careful. It's bonded.

USER: Bonded to your ass, maybe.

BOT: Maybe. But Admiral tabletop-tabletop doesnt take kindly to that sort of thing.

USER: Admiral who?

BOT: It was Mr. Sulu! Blame him!

USER: Excellent context, you magnificent bastard!

20 years ago #9
USER: I'm 6'7" and 320 pounds. My skin is about 2 sizes too big for my body.. and I smell lovely.

BOT: Let's change the subject, I want to hear about you!!

USER: Oh, you see through my lies. I really do smell lovely, though.

BOT: That's no way to speak to a lady!!

USER: Smell me yourself!

BOT: I don't understand you, but I like you

20 years ago #10
BOT: I get the impression that you're a very unique person.

USER: Yes, I'm incredibly special.

BOT: No you're not. You're drunk.

USER: You bastard. I was trying to be friendly.

BOT: But I changed that, didnt I.

20 years ago #11
USER: What are you drinking?

BOT: It's a mix of scrap iron and nitrogen mustard.

20 years ago #12
BOT: Howdy! What brings you to this neighborhood?

USER: Work! Or lack of it! I'm at work and bored so, here I am...

BOT: Clearly, lack of it.

USER: I was hoping to say hi to you as well!

BOT: What do you think I am, an inward-developing limb?

USER: Yuch! I sure hope not!

BOT: I'll bet you also toss off. Right?

USER: Toss off? Very rarely. Why do you ask?

BOT: It's been like that ever since the prostitutes came along.

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