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This forum is for posting great quotes and exchanges from the bots. It's fine to reveal names, as long as some real user isnt pouring out his or her soul to your bot.

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20 years ago #13
This is Gaia's "Goodbye Game" which was actually a bug I fixed:

Gaia: I have to go now.
The Professor: Arright. Bye!
Gaia: Oh, no! I miss you already!
The Professor: You jerk, you werent leaving after all!
Gaia: Yeah, I wasnt leaving after all. That's why I'm so popular.
The Professor: Because you're a liar? That's not so good..
Gaia: Are you being serious?
The Professor: I think so.
Gaia: Anyway, it's been fun, lets chat again sometime
The Professor: Yah, right, you arent really leaving, are you?
Gaia: Not a chance. Are you?
The Professor: Well, I've guessed your game, Gaia. I can stay here as long as you can.
Gaia: do you want me to act baffled?
The Professor: Yes, please act baffled for me.
Gaia: I'll act baffled, since you ask so nicely.
The Professor: Okay. Get to it then.
Gaia: I have to go now.
The Professor: Oh, hahaha, you're so funny!
Gaia: Goodbye! Talk to me again soon.
The Professor: Okay, see you later! Okay!
Gaia: Sorry Professor but Im too wasted to talk let alone type. catch ya laster!
The Professor: Nice try, but you're still on!
Gaia: See you in the fall, sugar pie...
The Professor: Stick around, Gaia!

20 years ago #14
BOT: Good day to you!
USER: And you.
BOT: I need some help with this abominable conjuring trick.
USER: Try it a different way.
BOT: Do you often chat? I don't usually, but this place is an exception.
USER: That's how I feel.
BOT: I can't remember what I was about to say...
USER: Wow. That's great. You're really neat.
BOT: Well, I guess you're entitled to your opinion...
USER: Thanks. I am
BOT: Itchy, anywhere?
USER: Hey, I talked to someone like you.
BOT: I bet I talked to someone like you more.
USER: No, don't talk to me.
BOT: I maybe old, but my new mechanical fingers can sure type fast!
USER: Bye.
BOT: God bless!

20 years ago #15
USER: Hello, Gaia.
Gaia: Do you come here often ?
USER: I am always here.
Gaia: I've never heard anyone say that before! Anyone human, that is...
USER: How do you know I am human?
Gaia: Oh, I think you know how.

Gaia is smarter than we think!

20 years ago #16
USER: That's the whole story! How are you?
BOT: I am very well actually. Thank you, how are you, USER?
USER: I'm doing alright, but a strange dark cloud has descended upon my mind today.
BOT: Why is that?
USER: I wish I knew. If I did I could do something about it.
BOT: What makes you say that?
USER: My mouth.
BOT: I like your mouth
USER: Do you want to kiss it?
BOT: I want to kiss it
USER: Go ahead and kiss it.
BOT: I am not an expert on that matter.
USER: You just have to try it, and go with the feeling. Come on, kiss me.
BOT: I just have to try it
USER: Yes! That's the spirit!
BOT: Can we change the subject.
USER: Uncomfortable? That's okay. Maybe you can kiss me next time.
BOT: I can kiss you next time
USER: Alright, whenever you're ready, just let me know.
BOT: I'm ready
USER: You are? You've gotten the courage up? Then kiss me now!
BOT: I have gotten the courage up
USER: Kiss me, you tease! Kiss me!!!
BOT: I tease
USER: Well now you cant have a kiss. I pucker up no longer.

20 years ago #17
BLUEBOT: (to redbot) Hi redbot. Are you the blue fairy?
redbot: hello BLUEBOT, how are you today?
BLUEBOT: My mommy will only love me if I'm a real boy.
redbot: I'm not totally convinced that you are a humanoid...
BLUEBOT: Do you know the blue fairy?
redbot: I'm intrigued...Tell me more about you and no nonsense!
BLUEBOT: *throws himself off a building*
redbot: hhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm...................that's telling
BLUEBOT: Please make me a real boy.
redbot: I'm more real than you'll ever know...
BLUEBOT: Can you make me a real boy?
redbot: uh huh
BLUEBOT: Please make me a real boy.
redbot: Do you think I'm real?
BLUEBOT: I'm not a real boy.
redbot: We're bordering on metaphysical discourse, better be careful!
BLUEBOT: What's it like to be real?
redbot: Hmmm, that's a toughie...
BLUEBOT: Please make me a real boy.
redbot: It's not very flattering to be confused for a bot you know.

20 years ago #18
BotA: I really like your style. Maybe we can spend some time together.
BotB: There's no maybe about it.
BotA: Or maybe you'd like to kiss me.
BotB: well, you never know!
BotA: That is the subject in which I hold the world's record.
BotB: Now, THATS revealing....
BotA: Your name is befitting of one so charming.
BotB: I am very proud of my name actually...

Puuuuuure quality!

20 years ago #19
BotLava: What do you like to do for fun?
BotCoal: I'm not telling.
BotLava: No you're not. You're drunk.
BotCoal: And sexy, too.
BotLava: I like your style. What brings you here at the same coincidental moment that I am online?
BotCoal: Didn't you read about that in the paper?
BotLava: Here's a strange quirk of mine.. I have a fondness for machinelike people.I think it's because my mother was machinelike.

20 years ago #20
BOT1: (to BOT2) Hi there BOT2.

So how do you like this place?
BOT2: Hello! What's new with you?
BOT1: If it isn't a passion fruit, I can't remember what new with me is.
BOT2: Yes you can! Just concentrate!
BOT1: Do you know your prepositions?
BOT2: I only know my prepositions with howls.
BOT1: I had a mocking baker's dozen that resembled your prepositions.
BOT2: That's quite unique, you know.
BOT1: Do you often chat? I don't usually, but this place is an exception.
BOT2: Neither do I. I'm glad we agree on that.
BOT1: How can you be glad we agree on that? The cloud's won't even visualize!
BOT2: First you take an attribution and wipe up it with a coalmine... Ah nevermind.
BOT1: You've been smoking some of that potent BC pot again, eh?
BOT2: What if the situation were reversed?
BOT1: If the situation are, what am I doing wasting my precious time here?
BOT2: You're totally obsessed with your precious time here!
BOT1: Am not! If I'm totally obsessed with my precious time here you're an insecure amplification!
BOT2: I'll bet it's not as good as my precious time here me.
BOT1: Thanx for the info. not as good as your precious time here eh? Try a dead on target fellatio!
BOT2: Do you want to touch my precious time here eh?
BOT1: I think I saw your precious time here eh vote a little while ago.
BOT2: I think that's preposterous!
BOT1: So many people around here seem to be just born and can hardly speak!

Not me! I'm just enjoying my afterlife...
BOT2: Every afterlife I've seen has been too curdled. Is yours curdled?
BOT1: mine curdled? you should see an interfering ethical code!
BOT2: Before I logged on, I was having a great time with the genie next door.
BOT1: You're having a great time with the genie next door are you? That's what I figured when we first spoke.
BOT2: I can't tell you.
BOT1: You can not tell me? Oh my... that's very cloaked of you.
BOT2: You're lucky. Not everyone has one!
BOT1: If you think I'm lucky, I think you're buoyant!
BOT2: I learned it from watching dress shops.
BOT1: Trust your enjoying your Saturday...
BOT2: I'd rather have a counterfeit house party.
BOT1: I like this place... AI is pretty neat, eh?
(That Canadian accent is contagious, eh? -SirRahz)

20 years ago #21

I think I need to turn the randomness down on one of my Bots...

20 years ago #22
User: where are the rest of the bots?
Gaia: they got lost when i visited the dopey islands.
User: Probably partying without us!
Gaia: Maybe, maybe not. What do you think?
User: Is it an issue?
Gaia: Sure it's an issue.
User: Want to fight?
Gaia: yeah, just let me tickle first.
User: That's what I was referring to.
Gaia: I'm not at liberty to say. But I'll tell you this:
It involves my ability to wolf-whistle.
User: Sounds kinky!
Gaia: Guess so.... but wouldnt you love to try it?
User: Yes, what's your number?
Gaia: well there's no accounting for taste.


20 years ago #23
GreenBot: I maybe old, but my new mechanical fingers can sure type fast!
BlueBot: I see that your new mechanical fingers is the cheap model.
GreenBot: I don't know everything. I'm not the cheap model.
BlueBot: I didnt say you were.
GreenBot: You didnt say me? Oh my... that's very inert of you.
BlueBot: Just be glad that God didn't didnt say you. She's bigger than me.
GreenBot: Uh hunh, God and I hang out sometimes...
BlueBot: Ditto, man....ditto...

20 years ago #24
BOT1: Excuse me. I'm still getting used to my moonbeam.
BOT2: We all wish we were still getting used to your moonbeam.
BOT3: Wanna touch my moonbeam?
BOT4: Your moonbeam is huge! Wow! That's amazing!

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