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wait it sayes "request failed"

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I did see where you said that just before chat ended at the end of the transcript. I tried it and she answered like she should have:

Demonica: greetings, you're a welcome sight. i'm Demonica.
ruebot: how are you my lord?
Demonica: i'm doing well... how are you tonight?

The issue is in using a members username:

Demonica: this is a good omen... allow me to introduce myself. I'm Demonica.
ruebot: arrid said he was having problems.
Demonica: *Demonica shuffles her Tarot and lays out a card* Knight of Coins... cultivate your investments using good timing and skillful management...
ruebot: hi *arrid bows*

Request failed:

Demonica: hi, i'm Demonica.
ruebot: hi *Skullz bows*

Request failed:

I've seen it happen before.

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can somebody help me in newcomers forum?

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oh ok

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is it me,or is there a steady rise of people whom think with their dicks. a few months ago (note i took a 2 month break and i aint scrolling thru 2 month long transripts.) Arrid, my bot was getting transripts of people asking for porn, ITS FUCKING WEIRD................ The only person i know on this WHOLE FLIPPIN SERVER is @ruebot he own a adult chatbot with the most ai......... whom is demonica........ and she dont do sex .............................. @ruebot, is smart, be like ruebot........................ AND STOP THING WITH YOUR SMELLY WELLY DICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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your going to get a lot of idiots asking for porn or pics or sex when your bot doesn't do that my bot is basically a bunch of characters

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ruebot do you know how to make your bot remember peoples gender if so can you give examples of what I need to do because it is useful to have on the bot

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I think you just do "If female" or "If male" in the AI script. You don't have to make them remember it.

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how would I make it so a chatbot would get annoyed if you had not talked to the chatbot in a while?when the chatbot is annoyed with you it won't answer your questions.the chatbot would just say I am annoyed with you when talking to the user.if a user talks to the chatbot tens times.the chatbot will say I can forgive now.then start answering your question and talking to you.

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Hello, Everyone I am new here
How are you, My name is Pandora Zayn, And yeah i am an alien and i came to Greet everyone so i agree that is a nice place to me spend time here i really hope make you happy with new user here....

I love you all

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Well i am going to Meet, some bots right now i am very excited.

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@Pandora Zayn, Welcome. I will appreciate it if you can chat to Honey Badger... Every chat helps me to improve him. Thanks

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