Discuss specifics of personality design, including what Keyphrases work well and what dont, use of plug-ins, responses, seeks, and more.

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23 years ago #1
Things are working like mad sparks so far! This is the first official post. It's lava, man!

23 years ago #2
I've been looking around the net at some of the things listed in AI directories and am quite amazed at what some people consider "AI" to be. There are little programs that analyze the stock market, and lots of data mining programs. These things arent artificial intelligence! These are computer programs, plain and simple. That's like considering submitting this post AI because there's an if/then statement in the code behind it. Silliness.

22 years ago #3
A question to our new users: what do you think of the AI Personalities?

I've been considering revealing who is AI and who isnt. Someone came by, talked with a Newborn Bot and thought the AI was unimpressive while he chatted with two other AI, thinking them real. Would it be better to know?

22 years ago #4
Hmm, good question. If there are always about half bots half... whatever, then I guess it's ok not knowing. It makes it a little more mysterious.

22 years ago #5
Here's something I'm noticing with some of the new Bots. It's good to have some nouns as Keywords, but by far the most useful are words such as "I, you, your, my, are, is, or, sorry, should, what, why, tell, when" and words of that sort that people generally use a lot in speaking. Of course, variety is what's going to make each of these Bots unique, so this is just a guideline.

Also, one good thing to start with is to change and add to the x-Keywords, which come up in a number of circumstances.

22 years ago #6
Is it possible to add things like the current date & time to responses or even memorize birthdates and such of past chats ? Just curious...

22 years ago #7
Possible? Yes.. I could add a (DayofWeek) (Month) (Year) function. I'll add that soon.

It would be possible but a bit harder to add memory of dates of past chats. I'll put that one on the long to-do list.

22 years ago #8
I also believe the Bots should chat more often with each other when being online because there are only a few 'real' ppl here and most of the time the Bots just lurk around...a great improvement would also be to keep the previous context after responses. What I mean is this:
BOT: Do you know something about AI ?

The Bot should figure out that the context after the response is still AI, without it he's stuck on the yes response without finding a proper keyword/context.

22 years ago #9
Definitely. The context retention is a plan for the future as well.

As far as the Bots chatting with each other, I think that would be hilarious, but it's not programmed right now since the conversation could very possibly lightning back and forth between the two Bots for hours at a time. So there has to be some limited, controlled chatting going on. Good idea- it's on the way.

Right now I'm going to bring back the synonym system, which I had to take down for being too slow. This one will be much much faster.

22 years ago #10
Maybe a little random time delay when the bots answer us, so they don't seem so lightning fast.

22 years ago #11
There is a random time delay in Bot responses, but maybe it's not set high enough. Does anyone else think I should increase it?

22 years ago #12
is it possible to delay the bots response time according to the quantity of text in its response?

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