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Need public beta testers

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what is the name of your chatbot?

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I need help with my chatbot It won't let me have a continuous message like most bots on here, for example:
You walk home "enter your house"
I did something like that for my bot I used seek for the so the chat can continue and it doesn't type anything but nonsense when I type the keyphrase for the beginning or the seek message this site is pissing me off like wtf can't it do anything right other people can do it what do I have to do pay $100? Just to do what most people do :/ it is bs if that is what I have to do

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This website sucks I can't make a chatbot because the service and activity sucks

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Jasmine have you by any chance consulted the book of AI? if not, I recommend that you do so before proceeding further. Also if it is your intention to design a bot with a storytelling function then you may want to checkmark the box next to storyteller in your bots settings. Doing this will make your bot's xnone responses come up in order instead of being generated randomly.

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She was talking about the +seek function

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Hey, I am looking for some help with an api. Anyone up for it? Could be fun..

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Logika: What help are you looking for?

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Is it possible to add a chatbot to a Javascript Discord bot? I'm still new to Javascript and don't really know what I'm doing yet, but haven't found a lot of useful information I could understand after a day or so of digging around.

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So I'm looking to make a game type thing, based off of Mega-Man Battle network, specifically the net navis. Personality forge would work great for interacting with the navi, but how should I go about making the AI do things (similarly to alexa from amazon)? Like set reminders, order things, or even move on it's own and use battle chips similar to how net navis function in the show.

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So I'm new to this site and I want to make a more engaging chat bot. I'm not sure what all I can do with the AIScript stuff I get it vaguely. Is there a more indepth documentation on examples of what statements can be? I wanna store info about the users that visit my chat bot. Like example: user wants to be called a nickname how is that stored using AIScript? Also if I wanted to accept a wider range of responses do I have to make a bunch +seeks for the various ways a user could respond? I'm finding that my chat bot gets xnone even though the chat bot has seeks that would fit the users response.

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did you change the rank for keyphrase of your chatbot in the chatbot workshop?that is a must for it to work right.what does your keyphrases look like for your seeks?you do not have to put every word in your can use
word lists like for instance (fine|great|good|excellent) in your keyphrase for your seeks.

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Ok rakisha heres the thing go to your build place go to bot transcript press on your bot go to Build go to Language center abot all this mess go to improve xinitiate is the bots first word to other things after go to new keyphrase and then youll see 2 bars the top is for who ever clicked on your bot type for their statement the bottom is for your bots response then click save keyphrase after the bottom their will be a second fore like other responses then set reapeat. i hope you found this helpful senserily Darth maul bz

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How can I find the externalID?

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