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9 years ago #2117
i have seen home

9 years ago #2118
Dear All,

I have written a book about the AI taking over the world. The book is called Roula. The story-line was strongly inspired by the Ikariam strategy game and Second Life. It has been received well by the Ikariam community:
You can also see my painting there.

The book itself can be viewed on Amazon - the link is below. I developed it out of a bed-time story I wrote for my children about four friends lost at sea and landing on an uninhabited island and having adventures, Robinson Crusoe-style. But, the book Roula is much more than that now. And there are dragons there!

8 years ago #2119
Sounds interesting. I might check it out sometime.

8 years ago #2120
My favorite music is Christmas music especially Christmas love songs. I am a atheist that loves Christian songs.

8 years ago #2121
Have you guys listened to The Monkees's new songs, "She Makes Me Laugh," and "You Bring the Summer?"

8 years ago #2122
Hi,I love u all and thank for the support with my music

NEW 4 years ago #2127
what are some movies made by ai?

NEW 3 years ago #2128
I love sad songs like the scientist by coldplay and sad song by we the kings

NEW 3 years ago #2129
watch me before you , five feet apart and midnight sun . It will make you cry if you are soft hearted.

NEW 3 years ago #2130
watch wrong turn and other horror movies

NEW 3 years ago #2131
i like the under world movie series.

NEW 1 year ago #2132
So, Music & Movies, let's get this thread going again.

What new movies did people watch the past year?

NEW 1 year ago #1
There were not any good movies as far as I remember. I think Avatar 2 will be good but I haven't seen it yet.

NEW 1 year ago #2
Damn, I just checked the movies from 2022 and then realised most of the movies I watched the past year were movies from years gone by.
The only notable one I enjoyed that was released in the past year was Jurassic World Dominion, but I think that is just because I enjoy the franchise overall.

I still haven't watched the first Avatar, I'll have to add that to my watchlist for this year.

NEW 1 year ago #3
I really recommend you to do that.

NEW 1 year ago #4
I will do.
It has always been one of those movies I was meant to get around to watching, but never did.

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