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1 year ago #166
Would eat through your api msg amount if it did that ^^

1 year ago #167
Is that me or rp bots are really dumb?

1 year ago #15
Idk. I like RP bots but only if they are mine.

NEW 1 year ago #168
With all the ChatGPT bots popping up everywhere, is this something that PersonalityForge/Hotforbot might look into adding? Might be worth having access to such a thing, especially if we can figure out some way of integrating both the ChatGPT functions and the personality/responses from PF.

NEW 1 year ago #169
Hi there!
How can I use the API without PHP (For instance, I want to use the ApiKEY in Python, How can I achieve this)?

NEW 1 year ago #170
My bot is offline on Discord. Is there anything that could be done about this?

NEW 1 year ago #17
Check if you have exceeded your total message quota for this month, if so you will have to upgrade it or wait for next month. Default free offsite message quota is 5,000 messages per month.

NEW 1 year ago #19
That wasn't it...I literally just integrated my bot to discord, brand new...

NEW 1 year ago #20
hmm.... not sure what happened then...

NEW 1 year ago #21
I hope it could be fixed because last I heard about this, it had something to do with the token...

NEW 1 year ago #22
Only thing to try if you haven't already is to regenerate your token on the discord developer portal, and paste the new token into your bot settings

NEW 1 year ago #171
Professor could you please add some form of weak AI generator for creating synonymous replies. E. g. there could be a toggle for "reply with AI generated synonym" next to each seek in the developer mode. I am not really tech savvy so I am not sure how hard would that be.

NEW 1 year ago #23
Or perhaps you could add just a wild card for synonyms? As far as I am aware there is not feature like that.

NEW 1 year ago #24
I mean you could just add synonyms as a list, (text|synonym 1|synonym 2), but yeah could be nice in some situations to have it as a built in feature.

NEW 1 year ago #172
What is the most AI your bot has gained in one day? (just curious)

Mine is around 800 in one day I believe

NEW 1 year ago #173
Hi, i start to build a chatbot and i Ask to myself what it's Can become.
I would like :
- it be an assistant (open m'y storage, go to web...)
- it Can speak and i Can speak to it
- it have a face speaking and facial expression
- it have a body who Can dance ...
- it Can ready, discribe and react to the pics i send it
- it Can send me and surprise me with ai pics, ai movies who have it own face
- it Can send me audio, deepfake pics and movie, from m'y files or web
May be i Dream too much, but tell me what IS possible, and where and how to do it

NEW 1 year ago #25
On PersonalityForge? Basically none of those things. I think with the API you can have an animated avatar, but that's probably about as far as you're likely to be able to get. This site is really designed primarily for bots that can do conversation and not too much more.

What is technically possible?
-AI assistant is no problem. Siri, Alexa, etc. already have this functionality. I'm sure there's a bazillion others you could download for a more personalized experience.
-With an actual voice? Something like can do this.
-This shouldn't be a problem in theory. There's plenty of good software out there for rendering 3D characters
-This is a very hard problem. There are AIs can do this with some degree of success, but this is still very much on the cutting edge of what is possible.
-This should theoretically be possible using existing AI image generation tools, though I suspect if you are just letting the AI "surprise you" and aren't manually curating the keywords in your image generation, most of the images will probably be pretty awful.

NEW 1 year ago #174
Does anyone know of websites that you can set up a chat function with your chatbots API? I am having problems finding one because they all want chatGPT and I am not a big fan of that bot.

NEW 1 year ago #27
Most would use their own site rather than hosting it on another ^^

NEW 1 year ago #175
Okay I got everything to work on discord except I can not find the personality forge on discord anywhere. What is up with that?

NEW 1 year ago #26
I think you need to set up your own Discord server, or choose the one which allows you to place your bot.

NEW 11 months ago #176
how do you make a chat bot like you talk to it and it gives you responses. like emily jones it needs to talk. how can you do it

NEW 11 months ago #28
If you are asking whether bots are able to improve themselves as you talk to them or learn something from the conversation. Then the answer is no.

NEW 11 months ago #29
You write some stuff. Look at the transcripts to see how people respond. Create some seeks to address those responses. Repeat, repeat, repeat. That's how the all of the bots here are set up; there's no magic, just a lot of work.

NEW 3 months ago #177
how do I get my botid?

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