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6 months ago #148
External api use website issue~

Seems to be something to do with the Keyphrases

Name catching keyphrase change

"(my name is|call me) *" results with a error response.

Adding a additional catch to the same keyphrase:

",test *" results in the response showing up.

Test it via my chat bot on my site.

The noun seems to be the issue if "name" is removed it'll work fine.

6 months ago #149
Firefox Internet Explorer Safari Work with no erroring
Chrome Edge Opera Errors on some keyphrases(Chrome issue)

NEW 5 months ago #150
Anyone gotten their api working yet since the site update? ^.^

NEW 5 months ago #151
@LTNeko, my API implementation is not working at I'll have to look more deeply at the documentation, but I don't see anything obviously different in how it works.

NEW 5 months ago #152
Did the site update break the API? Sorry, I'm way behind on the forums.

NEW 5 months ago #153
Ye the update broke em~ ^^ Have some projects on hold till it is working again~

NEW 5 months ago #154
Okay, I got it working again. Thanks for letting me know! I just had a short chat with Love Agent.

NEW 5 months ago #155
Nice! Thank you! I'm excited to explore the new features!

NEW 5 months ago #156
^-^ Doesn't seem to be resetting usage on monthly reset, at least mine hasn't still at 0 /5,000 Streams left when it says mine reset on the 4th.

NEW 4 months ago #1
(re-posting) The issue with monthly usage has been resolved.

NEW 4 months ago #157
Would really like to see the "Data" button moved aside "More" rather than within~ ^^'

It's a lil' tedious to click on more and data for every single response, which tends to result in some data misplaced n' having to comb back through~

NEW 4 months ago #2
I just made an update for you - Api Data now shows up automatically upon clicking "more"

NEW 2 months ago #158
Newbie. Is there a python api example?

NEW 2 months ago #3
Sorry, not yet. But if you get something working, email it to me and I'll be glad to add it to the site!

NEW 2 months ago #4
is this about submitting python scripts or a python api?

NEW 1 month ago #159
Is discord still working? My chat bots aren't online and I can't figure out why.

NEW 4 weeks ago #5
Mine are working. I see Foxy and Freddy Fazbear are being served to Discord. Are they still appearing offline?

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