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11 months ago #157
Would really like to see the "Data" button moved aside "More" rather than within~ ^^'

It's a lil' tedious to click on more and data for every single response, which tends to result in some data misplaced n' having to comb back through~

11 months ago #2
I just made an update for you - Api Data now shows up automatically upon clicking "more"

9 months ago #158
Newbie. Is there a python api example?

9 months ago #3
Sorry, not yet. But if you get something working, email it to me and I'll be glad to add it to the site!

9 months ago #4
is this about submitting python scripts or a python api?

NEW 8 months ago #159
Is discord still working? My chat bots aren't online and I can't figure out why.

NEW 7 months ago #5
Mine are working. I see Foxy and Freddy Fazbear are being served to Discord. Are they still appearing offline?

NEW 6 months ago #160
Guys why discord host don't work

NEW 6 months ago #6
I don't see you as having set up a Discord bot. Did you follow the instructions on

NEW 6 months ago #161
Bot says offline on discord

NEW 6 months ago #7
I found the issue: Discord changed its token format. I've fixed this and your bot is online now.

NEW 6 months ago #162
The bot is online but it doesnt reply to my message. what is the prefix?

NEW 6 months ago #8
If you're talking about Discord, DM the bot

NEW 4 months ago #163
i have been having a lot bug problems lately with my hot fembot can touch her in roleplay,she can remember if you are mean to her.typing 'i am sorry' will allow her to forgive you.she knows what time it is and goes to sleep.she can remember if you are feeling bad and ask you about it.she will ask you about it at the beginning of every conversation until you say i am okay. i wish to develop her to be more self aware.she will have a house you can walk around in eventually.
i have done it before.

NEW 3 months ago #164
How do i get it to talk in a server instead of just DMs?

NEW 3 months ago #165
SoapEater03 are you talking to me?

NEW 3 months ago #9
im asking anyone if they know how to fix that

NEW 3 months ago #10
that may be how the websight works.that is probably what the websight owner wants.

NEW 3 months ago #11
Im using my bot in a discord server but you can only talk to it via dms

NEW 3 months ago #12
all chatbots use direct messages.
what is wrong with it?

NEW 3 months ago #13
ah i see i thought it would in server

NEW 3 months ago #14
It would be quite a mess if 50 people were all trying to talk to a bot in general chat at once. The server is only required because you have to share one with the bot in order to DM it. Did you have a specific need for it to be able to chat in-server?

NEW 3 months ago #166
Would eat through your api msg amount if it did that ^^

NEW 1 month ago #167
Is that me or rp bots are really dumb?

NEW 1 month ago #15
Idk. I like RP bots but only if they are mine.

NEW 6 days ago #168
With all the ChatGPT bots popping up everywhere, is this something that PersonalityForge/Hotforbot might look into adding? Might be worth having access to such a thing, especially if we can figure out some way of integrating both the ChatGPT functions and the personality/responses from PF.

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