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NEW 4 months ago #838

Here's a question, does anyone have a syntax highlighter for Forge text files? I've been making my own with mixed success, but if one is already out there that would be great.

NEW 4 months ago #839

Pretty sure that's how it works now. I don't know when it changed. Early this year, I think.

NEW 4 months ago #840

Not me, Zeig.I'd be interested in one for notepad++ or similar!

NEW 4 months ago #841

Anyone have any idea what caused the site downtime over the last week or so?

NEW 4 months ago #842

i cannot chat with any of the chatbots can you?

NEW 4 months ago #843

I was able to start a few chats this morning but they were dropped quickly. I don't seem to be able to get back to them at the moment.

NEW 4 months ago #844

I would like to know too.

NEW 4 months ago #845

So, the website is fully functional finally?

NEW 4 months ago #846

Looks to be back, Palacinkyman. Not unheard of for the server to be wobbly after an outage, but going passably so far.

NEW 4 months ago #847

Nothing new?

NEW 3 months ago #848

I noticed that the bots were deactivated for a few days. I know this really cool bot that has much more advanced knowledge. To chat with it you guys can visit its website and click on the button at the bottom the screen as you've entered the website:

NEW 3 months ago #849

@AlexandraFontaine: the bot on this website does force us to log into facebook messenger.
When you click the blue icon from your screenshots, it says [Log into messenger] or [Continue as guest].
If you click [Continue as guest], then it says "Chat with Alexandrabot // Hi, nice to meet you! Let's talk. // [Continue]".
Then if you press [Continue], it just says the same thing again.
If you try logging out of messenger in your browser, and then visit the site, you will see what we are seeing.

NEW 3 months ago #850

@jkroker the bot doesn't force you to log in to Facebook my friend. Those who doesn't have facebook has an option "Continue as Guest". I have logged out of my facebook and enter the website again and clicked on "Continue as Guest" and it works fine, you can take a look at my screenshot:

NEW 3 months ago #851

Lmao, your bit knows how much is x/infinity.

NEW 3 months ago #852

my pop up blocker must have blocked the button.i am not disabling my pop up blocker off.

NEW 3 months ago #853

Hey Maryguise, I made an extremely basic highlighter for Notepad++. I'd prefer it to be better, but I can't even figure out what lexer N++ uses... I've had much better luck with Visual Studio Code, but even then the syntax algorithms really don't like the way language files are written.

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