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1 year ago #831
i would overwrite the memory like this.
use aiscript intialization in ai settings to remember it for a long time.
put in ai settings default "blank" as "train";

i hope you know where it is.

rem "blue" as only "train";
rem "red" as only "train";

1 year ago #832
I'm not sure you're understanding "goto", No, you cannot add text after a goto, but the goto goes to another set of text. Not that that's probably any clearer... And each keyphrase is different, "GetOffRedTrainStationOne", "GetOffRedTrainStationTwo", etc. in those you would store your "forget I was on that train" script. and you would use a "goto" to point to those keyphrases, where your responses would be, like the example I showed previously.

1 year ago #833
You still don't understand! If e.g. each train goes to different station and some trains from different original stations can go to same stations and each train goes at different time, .... the number of combinations would be immense. I just want to e.g. arrive at new station and forget the previous one, without loosing information about other things. Why did the developers didn't think of this! Like this, my only option will be to split memories into more, like: typeofplaceoforigin, typeofstation, typeoftrain, typeoftime, which is insane and very easy to be messed up in seeks.

1 year ago #834
Of course my bot is not about trains, but this is the best analogy I came up with.

1 year ago #835
One thing I have noticed by accident (didn't delete some tabs when copy/pasting) is that the site lets you hang seeks off gotos, which might help keep things clean? There's no natural way to get to the seek hanging off a goto, but it's got an ID and so you can goto it. Still doubling the amount of seeks required, but same thing happens with lack of or statements (no way to do if (mem-x) is "yes" or (mem-y) is "no" in one seek, for example). Main issues with the gotos is that you can't have a goto pointing to another goto (therefore need text for whilst travelling) and that it roughly doubles/trebles seek count? Thinking, starting from station A or C and going to B (tabs denote hangin off previous entry on prior tab amount, as per working offline):

+blue train [0,0]
goto X
<tab> +blue [0,0] ID:X <?PF forget "A" from "inStation" ?>
<tab> text for travelling to station B
<tab><tab> +xnomatch [0,0]
<tab><tab> goto Y
+red train [0,0]
goto Z
<tab> +red [0,0] ID:Y <?PF forget "C" from "inStation" ?>
<tab> text for travelling to station B
<tab><tab> +xnomatch [0,0]
<tab><tab> goto Y
+arrive at B [0,0] ID:Y <?PF rem "B" as "inStation" ?>
text for arrival at B

Actually, if it's a location you're in, there's only one of those at a time, so you'd use rem "B" as only "inStation", but if you want multiple items in that memory (such as tracking multiple people in one memory), it's hoops to jump through. Much like copying the first line of seek chains if there's a goto option, to prevent breakage, using lots of if (mem-x) is not "Y" to get around lack of or, or duplicating responses to again get around lack of or.

There's certainly lacking features that you have to work around, unfortunately, sometimes by lengthening things.

1 year ago #836
You can have a go-to place pointing to another go-to, but can't have the second go-to pointing to a third. I think this was a fairly recent change because I don't feel like it used to be this way, but a noticed it working a few months.

1 year ago #837
Really, Emily? That's excellent to hear. Probably to get around the kind of issues I had. So it can be done without the extra step. I am 100% certain old behaviour was 'too many goto error if any responses - even those that won't fire due to AIScript - have a goto'.

1 year ago #838
Here's a question, does anyone have a syntax highlighter for Forge text files? I've been making my own with mixed success, but if one is already out there that would be great.

1 year ago #839
Pretty sure that's how it works now. I don't know when it changed. Early this year, I think.

1 year ago #840
Not me, Zeig.I'd be interested in one for notepad++ or similar!

1 year ago #841
Anyone have any idea what caused the site downtime over the last week or so?

1 year ago #842
i cannot chat with any of the chatbots can you?

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