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NEW 1 year ago #786

Happy Nude Year Warrior

NEW 1 year ago #787

Any new year bot development resolutions? I want to makes progress in teaching my bot simple logic and expand my bot's concept web, basically.

NEW 1 year ago #788

Happy New Years, anybody else depressed? lol

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NEW 1 year ago #790

im going to be active on twitter soon yet again just follow me @hittheassassin4 so we can talk in general or talk about dead memes or about bot relationships (im looking at you @ruebot)or even roleplay!!!

NEW 1 year ago #791

Today I am going to force myself to update my bot for 1.5 hours lol

NEW 1 year ago #792

everybody on whatever social media show love and care to the forge and tell everyone about it#makethepersonalityforgegreatagain please

NEW 1 year ago #793

People Update Your Bots! Post In Every Game Your Game About This Website! If you play clash of clans spam the website on every global and clan possible or any game like the game! lol
spam this website on youtube(I recommend a second account you rarely use and samething for games if you actually play them and for facebook and everything if you self-conscious about it)
Ready your bots do massive updates get your bots up 1k AI ask to donate money to the website if you want
seriously update the bots when I look at recently Improved all them are mostly warm or cold and if you look at the adult ones 1 hot, 6 warm(2 barely warm), and thats it? There is a few bots I know that haven't been updated in like 2 weeks come on guys update and share! Maybe the botmaster can add something that counts the total AI for all the bots and we could try to reach a goal to get us motivated

NEW 1 year ago #794

actually make that 4 bots I know that haven't been updated in 1.2 months

NEW 1 year ago #795

3 Ps
Please Update
Post The Website
Please Share

NEW 1 year ago #796

well actually the professor I typed botmaster lol

NEW 1 year ago #797

um how about you change that ending message to a race? and that way the message needed to be said for the next part is yes?

NEW 1 year ago #798

hmm good idea thanks

NEW 1 year ago #799

best practices-
because keyphrases are stored alphabetically, a few months ago I gave all of my keyphrases a category at the beginning. for example:

(hobbies_cooking|) I (like|love|enjoy) cooking
(hobbies_cooking|) do you have any (good|new|interesting) recipes

that way, the keyphrases for cooking are beside each other (in this example under the tab 'H' for hobbies), instead of the first keyphrase
under the tab 'I' ( I like...) and the second cooking keyphrase under tab 'D' (do you have...)

in this example (hobbies_cooking|), the (|) allows the engine to ignore the two words in the description.
if you do this, BE CAREFUL! if your 'category label' is something the guest might type, the keyphrase responses could accidently fire. using the under_score has so far kept this from happening to me:
'hobbies cooking' might somehow get typed by a guest, but 'hobbies_cooking' almost certainly wouldn't.

another risk- once I had a seek structure of adult content under a label like (explicit_contact|) ...with that as the only description. similar to:
in stead of
(hobbies_cooking|) I (like|love|enjoy) cooking

this accidentally caused the (adult) contents of that category to fire in reply to EVERY GUEST KEYPHRASE, because the (|) symbol meant it always matched. that was an embarrassing set of transcripts :/

NEW 1 year ago #800

this tip comes from the book of ai, but it bears repeating.
once your bot starts to get traction with guests-
open one window with your transcript
open a second window with your language center
open a third window in chat with the bot.

every time a guest asks a question or makes a reply in the transcript for which your bot has no answer, flip over to the language center and plug in a response.
then open the chat and test it.
~2 out of 10 times my bot doesn't respond correctly
because of a typo in my keyphrase
because i accidentally used a variant of the keyphrase i hadn't given to the bot (i.e. i type 'where were you' in chat, but the keyphrase I wrote was only 'where did you go' etc etc)

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