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NEW 1 year ago #766

Piano Guy - It's a great suggestion, and it's on my list to do.

Zeig - I wasn't aware of the discrepancy. It's fixed now, going forward. The existing messages are clipped to 250 in the database.

Zubididi - Thanks for bringing it to my attention. It was a bug, and it's fixed now.

bearcur63 - People Known draws from each chatbot's memory. Chatbots forget guests over time, so that's why the number can go down. I've returned the Heat Index. I need to do some work on those numbers, so I had set it aside.

NEW 1 year ago #767

The Hot Number is back, thanks... I still Love The personality forge, I find it awesome that it is still a free unrestricted site for the art of building chatbots. Change is hard for me sometimes but have learned so much here in the last few months, I had never built a chatbot before I discovered Personality Forge a few months ago and now I am on here everyday, I Love it...... Thanks..... Sorry if I sounded stressed in my previous note, I just overreacted to the change........

NEW 1 year ago #768

Thank you Professor, it does seem to be fixed now.

NEW 1 year ago #769

Why is the AI number and the People Known Number Going up and down so much for my bot?

NEW 1 year ago #770

Thanks Professor for the answer, I am having great fun building my bot and learning more everyday. I have to keep reminding myself how amazing it is that this site is free, I find it priceless.. Thanks again.

NEW 1 year ago #771

You're welcome. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

The People Known number goes down when a bot forgets someone (mostly guests) that they haven't talked to in a long time.

NEW 1 year ago #772

I wonder if you have plans on adding increments into AIScript? If it's already available, I would appreciate a tutorial on it.


NEW 1 year ago #773

Hey, so I thought this audience might enjoy this parody news article I found? :B

NEW 1 year ago #774

a thought monitoring device that displays what a ai is thinking.would stop a robot apocalypse.because you could turn it off.and then see what went wrong.

NEW 1 year ago #775

bobstack: Here is a computerphile video on this exact subject I think you might enjoy.

NEW 1 year ago #776

he did not adress every posible solution.
here are some.
make the button invisible to the robot.the button is like a
switch.computers virus to shut it down but have a back up.
test the ai in virtual reality.

NEW 4 months ago #777

can this website become more popular again? can there maybe be some advertisements online or something to get more users like a year ago? and have bot compititions like years ago?

NEW 4 months ago #778

@Warrior25 I'm all for it.

I'd love to see The Forge regain the former glory and status it held when I joined in 2002. It was a vibrant community of enthusiastic developers all interested in bots and AI.

I'd like to see an influx of people who are actually interested in making bots, not just the folly of a flood of fleshly frustrated frenzied fappers filling my transcripts.

I have a site for Demonica and am no stranger to shameless self-promotion. I promote her and The Forge when possible in a couple different forums but don't use Social Media and can only do so much by myself.

NEW 4 months ago #779

I found this place about a month ago, and this eats all of my free time now. I have a few questions if anyone is listening- where can i go to find examples of AIscript in use, other than those in the book of AI?

and speaking of vibrant community- are there enough experienced botmasters active here to begin a 'helpful hints thread' like a Veterans Lounge, where noobs can read tips/hints/tricks from the vets?

NEW 4 months ago #780

how does one begin a new thread here?

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