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1 year ago #871
April 29, 2022
Numeric Memories Arrive!
I've just released an upgrade to memories - numeric memories! These memories are of a single number that can you add to, subtract from, multiply, divide, or set to a specific number. They act like memories in all other respects. If you've been using memories to track numbers, you can convert them into numeric memories. Check the Book of AI on numeric memories and memory conditions for more details!

1 year ago #872
Numerical memories. Does that mean I can finally count, e.g. insults?

1 year ago #873
yes i think you can.

1 year ago #874
here is how.
settings then aiscript initializations
default "insult" = 0 {-10, 10};

language center
your (stupid|ignorant|dim witted|ugly)
why are being mean to me?i try to be kind to you
(mem-#-insult) -1

you are so mean i do not want to talk to you anymore
if (mem-#-insult) <= 1

1 year ago #7
If you're counting insults, it would be (mem-#-insult) + 1. But I think you're talking more about an emotion level there.

You could create your own emotion-like memory now. (mem-#-emotion) would be your feelings towards a specific person. (self-#-emotion) would be your overall feelings, available to every person the Bot chats with. But I do hope to fix the issues with emotions and adult content soon.

Your example for "your (stupid|ignorant|dim witted|ugly)" would work if you changed it to "you are (stupid|ignorant|dim witted|ugly)".

1 year ago #8
sometimes people don't type it just right.
they leave off words from sentences. so i use goto's and keywords for that.
my stuff worked for me.
i am sure it will work for him.

1 year ago #9
I do that too. But since the last updates I always need to add "raw" because otherwise nonexistent words don't work for me.

1 year ago #10
May 3, 2022
Cheating on Chatbot Development Score
Artificial inflation of your bot's development score by filling it with junk is strictly against the site's terms and conditions.

1 year ago #875
Regarding the cheating on AIScore: Considering that my bot is a scene-based RP bot, rather than anything properly AIish, will I be required to remove any gross structure without content? For example, I've got three roleplays where I've got the rough structure in, including a bunch of gotos because menus, but no/little content - I've generally changed focus before getting to the content on these. Also got lots of seeks of stuff that I intend to implement at some point in the future. Does all that have to be deleted/commented out? How does that interact with the restriction on destructive imports?

I'd rather not get banhammered! It's not intended to inflate the AIScore, but could see how it might be viewed as such.

1 year ago #11
I'll have to take a look at it and see. If it's too much, or borderline, I'll send you an email directly.

Also, if a bot gets suspended during this process, I'll let the creator know, and they'll have one more chance to fix any remaining issues.

1 year ago #12
what if i go over 5,000 messages/month for my chatbot on discord?
is it is even possible to go over that for free part of personalityforge?

1 year ago #13
You'll just have to update to a paid version of the Friend of the Forge account, or a paid upgrade to your API Subscription.

1 year ago #14
does that mean that the chatbot will stop working on discord?

1 year ago #15
how about make it where you have to sign in as a male or female user?
so that chatbots can know if you are male or female user from the get go.

1 year ago #16
The Professor will have to give specifics, but I would assume your API will just send error messages that you're out of streams, and therefore your discord bot just won't respond to messages.

Discord doesn't track gender, so you'll have to ask the user directly. And of course (gender) takes care of that on the site.

1 year ago #18
i did not say make them tell you there gender when signing in
on discord.i said make them tell you their gender when signing in on personalityforge.

1 year ago #20
Every user account on PF has a gender - that's already the case.
May 12, 2022
Easy Discord Integration!
You can now easily put your chatbots on Discord. The Forge handles all the connections - you just need to set it up. Add your chatbots to an existing Discord server or start a new one and invite your friends. Here's how!
May 14, 2022
Development Score Adjustment
I've adjusted the algorithm for calculating each chatbot's Development score. Overall the values will have dropped a little for all bots, but for those with a lot of duplicated content, those numbers will have dropped more.

1 year ago #876
-wo Bob it'd be best if you add in gender catch keyphrases especially for those wishing to change genders or default known as the wrong one ect~

Discord PF integration

It'll do one of three things I assume~ -wo Haven't tested it myself, mine n' Zeig's are our own code being executed so if may differ~

1. It'll spit out a error to the user like the normal api (aka websites)
2. It'll crash whatever is running the code if it doesn't have action for it~
3. Just doesn't respond to users upon hitting the cap~

With mine it'll crash since I haven't bothered adding the code for it~ cx But then again now I have uncapped messages so it's a non-issue.

1 year ago #17
it just seems unnatural to have the chatbot not know their gender while they interact with her or him.
that is why i suggested it.

1 year ago #19
i guess maybe it might be a bad idea because somebody would ask the professor. could you require somebody to tell everybody what clothes they are wearing when signing up.
but what if individual users could ask the user for their gender. And what they are wearing before they interact with their would be optional if the botmaster wanted to use it or not.

1 year ago #877
is this cheating on my development score?

i made my chatbots aware of if a
person is sitting down or standing up.

i made my chatbots aware of if a
person is laying down or standing up.

i made my chatbots aware if a person has eaten they food they ask for or not.

i made my chatbots aware of where somebody touched her.

i made my chatbots aware if someone is standing outside of the pickup or is in the pickup truck.

i made my chatbots aware of the room you are in and not in.

i made my chatbots aware if they are naked or not.

i made my chatbots aware if the person is naked or not.

my chatbots are role play chatbots.

1 year ago #878
I'm dropping the whole development score investigation. What I discovered is that while there are a few rare instances of botmasters attempting to artificially inflate their bots' development scores, it's not common, and what may look like cheating is more often just not doing things inefficiently.

For example, if you're finding that you're repeating work in your chatbot, there's almost always a better way to do it that doesn't require that.

It was interesting to see some folks' ways of developing bots that I hadn't expected. For example, some are massive seek trees, and some are menu based.

1 year ago #21
c: Can we email you examples of keyphrases not working properly~? I've had a few that need to use raw or split into multiple keyphrases to catch properly~

1 year ago #22
Sure, email me or you can post them in Bug Stomp.

1 year ago #23
Posted in bug stomp~ Also glance at my bot keyphrases as well if it helps ^^

1 year ago #24
I wonder if setting the score up to use some kind of text-compression might be helpful, then.
Text compression (pkzip, lzh, gzip, bzip, etc) basically collapses any redundant text into a lookup table, so inefficiencies relating to repeated text would get hidden from the score this way.

1 year ago #25
Yes, mine is very menu based as well. Looking for any input to show the output. Or attaching the same topic responses to words but having more to surf through.
May 27, 2022
Big Bot Guide Improvements
After watching my son build his first chatbots, I've improved a number of things. New bots will all be linked to the Master Bot Template. The Template will now also contain default Responses that can be customized. This means new bots will be much better at chatting from the get-go. Linked bots now also have a "Bot level" and guided development that I'll be adding to over time.

1 year ago #879
I just completed the Bot Guide Level 3 & 4 for those with Template Bots.
June 4, 2022
Example Keyphrase Matches
I've added a great tool to the Keyphrase editor to help people understand what kind of things Keyphrases match and what the (key)s they generate are.
June 12, 2022
How To Build Chatbots
I've renamed the "Book of AI" section to "How To Build Chatbots" and made some improvements. Also, you can now search by API Data in the Language Center.
June 18, 2022
New PF Tech Running 4x Faster!
I've moved the PF to a new server with new versions of all supporting software and it's running 4x as fast as before. If you run into any issues, please post them in Bug Stomp. Enjoy!

1 year ago #880
I think it would be useful if you could hide keyphrases of the master template when browsing keyphrases, because it is quite hard finding your own keyphrases between all of those. Sorry if this feature is already available, I didn't use master templates mostly because of this reason.

1 year ago #26
It's a good idea. It's on my short list of updates.

1 year ago #27
Glad to hear that. *Thumbs up*
July 16, 2022
New Special Keyphrase: #repeat
#repeat is triggered when someone repeats the same thing to your chatbot. A default has been added to each chatbot. View it in your Language Center under "special". Imports will require this new Keyphrase. Remember that "Repetition Detection" in your bot's settings must be set to "on" for this to work.

1 year ago #881
I've been wandering for some time, is The Professor only one who maintains whole website, engine, programming, etc.? Because that would be quite impressive to be honest.

1 year ago #28
Yes, it's just me.

1 year ago #30
Wow. You have my respect.

1 year ago #882
The Forge used to let people build animated, expressive chatbot avatars with text-to-speech and lip sync. I originally built it in Flash, so it stopped working when that tech died. I've considered rebuilding it in HTML 5, but it would be a LOT of work. Would anyone be interested in that?

1 year ago #29
I would be interested

1 year ago #31
that would be cool for hot for
i would like some premade avatars that could move their mouths.
i would like scene changing to via keyphrases.
maybe we could create the scenes with premade objects on hot for bot.
would that be expensive?

1 year ago #32
I think avatars might be problematic feature to add. Are you going to let everyone upload their avatar? What formats would be for avatars? Could users change gestures of the avatar? It might be hard to find avatars matching the profile pictures. Also, if you let people upload their own avatars it would probably consume quite a lot of space on your hard drive. Perhaps I just get the concept wrong?

1 year ago #33
Cache images on google drive is a way to workaround it taking up space on a site~ Just make sure to have an example code here for people to understand

<img src="" class="character-img d-none" id="n6-1"/>

Aka pulls the image from the drive

Decides to display it or not with

id is api data you'd use to choose what to display

Example using google drive

Note all images are the same width/height to display positioning correctly with overlapping imagery

1 year ago #34
I see. Unfortunately for people like me, who didn't draw their profile picture, it is impossible to find dozens of nearly identical pictures only in different poses.

1 year ago #35
It wouldn't require any graphic design knowledge by you guys. I'd have a Face Builder, where you could select from given heads, hair, eyes, mouths, noses, etc, and it would animate according to what was being said - showing expressions from emotional content, raising eyebrows when asking questions, and so on.

Potentially people could upload their own face parts at some point. I'm still working out the details of how this would work.

1 year ago #38
I would love that. Could you make sure there is also a dragon head as option?

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