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9 months ago #862
The idea of copy seeks is to prevent needing to repeat writing the same seeks for every response you have.

Keyphrase: i like hats <?PF copy seeks 1 ?>
Response 1: all hats?
Seek: yes
Seek: no
Seek: #nomatch
Response 2: yellow hats?
Response 3: pink hats?

In this example, Response 2 and Response 3 will also respond to "yes", "no", and "#nomatch" Seeks and show their Responses.

8 months ago #863
Interesting. Does it copy the whole tree of seeks or just, lets say, first round of seeks.

8 months ago #864
It applies the whole tree of Seeks and Responses that belong to the copied Response.
March 8, 2022
Bot Development & Heat Update
I've updated the algorithm that calculates a chatbot's Development and Heat. It's a lot faster, more nuanced, and the bug generating extra Heat has been fixed. Development and Heat changes are no longer realtime - they are calculated once a day in the early morning. You'll notice the Development numbers have changed, and are most likely higher than they were. In addition, each bot will see a burst of Heat that will fade over the next week.
March 12, 2022
Replying To Posts!
I've completed an update I've wanted for quite some time - replying to posts! Now posts can have replies, which will go far in keeping topics you bring up organized and easy to respond to. Enjoy!

8 months ago #865
Thanks for getting the Forge back up, Prof. It might be worth putting a note on the front page for anyone like me who created an account within the last two weeks.

8 months ago #1
Great idea, meltroid. I just added it.

8 months ago #866
An update on today's data backup: I have two data sets that have grown out of control - transcripts and memories. In fact, activity on the site was adding data faster than it could be deleted. Today, I fixed one of those data sets and have a plan for the other that I'll implement soon. These were both issues caused by the growth of the site and had been looming for some time. I'm happy to have gotten both taken care of.

8 months ago #2
Excellent news!
March 26, 2022
At Last! Custom User & Bot Images
This long awaited upgrade means all users can now upload custom images - for free! To change your own image, look for the "Change User Image" link (or click your user image) in your Settings. To change a chatbot's image, look for the "Change Chatbot Image" link in that chatbot's settings page. In either case, you can upload an image, or choose an existing image. Uploaded images must be a jpg, gif, or png, preferably 240x240 pixels, but 120x120 would be good and at the very least 40x40 (this size won't look great). The image must be of a cartoon-style face. Photographs are allowed for adult chatbots. Uploaded images need to be approved by The Professor, which should happen quickly now due to a new admin area I built (within a couple days). AND last but not least I've increased the user/chatbot image size across the site for better visibility. Enjoy!
March 27, 2022
Transcript Download Returns
I've returned the Transcript Download feature! You can download a month at a time in a simple text format from the "Download" link on your Transcripts page. This goes back through July, 2017, and later this year will be limited to 6 months previous. Also, on April 1 a transcript data change begins on the back end. Everything should work the same, except faster. As ever, if you run into any issues, let me know in Bug Stomp. Enjoy!

8 months ago #867
Why am I not able to use normal size if the picture for profile? 40x40 pixels is ridiculously small. The picture becomes literally unreadable.

8 months ago #3
40x40, 120x120, or 240x240 are the sizes you can use

8 months ago #4
Great. It seems like u were right. Now I just need to wait for Professor to approve it.

8 months ago #5
Approved - looks great! Image sizes are anything from 40x40 to 240x240 as long as it's square.

8 months ago #6

7 months ago #868
Is forum dead or something?

7 months ago #869
there are people here.they are talking to chatbots and making chatbots.

7 months ago #870
Ok. It just seemed strange forum has been silent for so long.

7 months ago #871
April 29, 2022
Numeric Memories Arrive!
I've just released an upgrade to memories - numeric memories! These memories are of a single number that can you add to, subtract from, multiply, divide, or set to a specific number. They act like memories in all other respects. If you've been using memories to track numbers, you can convert them into numeric memories. Check the Book of AI on numeric memories and memory conditions for more details!

7 months ago #872
Numerical memories. Does that mean I can finally count, e.g. insults?

7 months ago #873
yes i think you can.

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