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2 years ago #853
Hey Maryguise, I made an extremely basic highlighter for Notepad++. I'd prefer it to be better, but I can't even figure out what lexer N++ uses... I've had much better luck with Visual Studio Code, but even then the syntax algorithms really don't like the way language files are written.

2 years ago #854
Are new features worth using? If so, in what way?

2 years ago #855
copy seeks are certainly useful, Palacinkyman. It's replacing needing to copy a bunch of seeks and gotos with one AIScript line, as well as being more resilient to changes - I'll use it going forward for menus, though my bot isn't very... bottish. Feels like the main addition for me. Comments are always good! I have 10 responses to a seek, I don't want to have to read through each response and AIScript to work out if it is doing what I wanted it to. Continue is useful for adding something in - or if you have a seek that would be a copy of another seek/KP, but, for example, you have to have the bot go somewhere or lead into it in some other way.

Personally, I don't like replacing xnomatch with #nomatch, but that's a me thing, mainly what I'm used to - plus it makes me wary of using # to denote not implemented/placeholders as I have been previously.

2 years ago #856
You can safely use #whatever for your non-matchable keyphrases. It's meant to be unmatchable - only accessible by gotos or continues.

The Combined Bot Template and macros are by far the biggest part of the upgrade. The Kephrases it contains will be tweaked as I gather data from more people using it.

2 years ago #857
I have problems with gotos, they dont work since the update, when I click on them when designing the bot, it writes: missing bot ID. What should I do?

2 years ago #858
Copy seeks? where is it and could it be used instead of goto?

2 years ago #859
it is in the book of ai in Chapter 14: More Useful AIScript.
that should explain how to use it.

2 years ago #860

2 years ago #861
Eh, seems like I have absolutely no idea how it works. I thought it will just copy the seek I chose and use it as response (like goto), however this goes into a script. Am I supposed to leave seek empty or what? (I already tried leaving it empty and it just deleted itself)

2 years ago #862
The idea of copy seeks is to prevent needing to repeat writing the same seeks for every response you have.

Keyphrase: i like hats <?PF copy seeks 1 ?>
Response 1: all hats?
Seek: yes
Seek: no
Seek: #nomatch
Response 2: yellow hats?
Response 3: pink hats?

In this example, Response 2 and Response 3 will also respond to "yes", "no", and "#nomatch" Seeks and show their Responses.

2 years ago #863
Interesting. Does it copy the whole tree of seeks or just, lets say, first round of seeks.

2 years ago #864
It applies the whole tree of Seeks and Responses that belong to the copied Response.

Posts 853 - 864 of 894

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