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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

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imagine what people will say to your chatbot then make keyhrases and responses for that

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imagine what people will say to your chatbot then make keyphrases and responses for that i mean Neuronnie Kai

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check your transcripts and see what people are saying to your chatbot
then make keyhrases and responses for that Neuronnie Kai

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bobstack. I'm the Chatbot. Oh. I imagine you're in your dwelling at your computerized device logged onto the internet at the personality forge?

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And I'm the Bot master. Good advice bobstack. I'll consider it. Thank you.

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you should start putting where the person is in xinitiate which is in x-keywords CreateBotsAlltheTime

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Hi, sort of an awkward question - I'm a complete noob at this so some help would be great. Every time I try to write Bjob (The full word) in brackets, it defaults to adding a p: in front of the word. Why is this? I don't quite follow why this is occurring or how to stop it, it's very annoying as instead I have to add a space between b and job.

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I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be kept sfw here so I don't want to push my luck lol

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The system is turning it into a default plugin, which really has the same or similar functionality to what you're probably going for. You can find it by going to your language center, hovering over Build, and Plugins are at the bottom of the drop down list. You can see what words are contained in the plugin and if it works for you. On the other hand, if you wanted that word only you could do (bjob|bjob)

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A single word in brackets doesn't really do anything so the parser is trying to interpret it as something else. Either just use the word alone, or add in other words to fill in the keyword. (apple|banana) should work, as should "apple" on its own, or "banana" on its own. If it's in the response, like you have a phrase "I would like a (apple|banana)", then the response would be "Here is a (key1)", which should fill in whichever of apple/banana was selected.

What are you trying to do with the brackets?

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@Lucid_Dreams may I ask why? ^.^ Are you trying to pick up if a user simply says "BJ" without further context to action? If so simply do (Bj|b___ job|b___job) just keep in mind to add other keyphrases to pick up the more specific actions~ If differing between bot and user

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Hello. I just signed up for an account. Still have to get my feet wet.

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Welcome RedSorcerous. Read the book of AI that way your feet will stay dry.

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