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Honor: 870
Name: John
From: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Country: United States
Gender: M
Since Nov 3, 2021
Posts: 12
Times On: 184
Email: -
I first draw the Bot I will create and then once it's good, I have it available for chatting. After I turn it into a chatbot of course.

My Bots


Neutral Human Geek
No.1 smart sis.
AI: 672
Hot +630


Hostile Human Tough
You talking to me?
AI: 142

Hacknado-Superior Intel

Friendly Human Philosopher
Superior intellect
AI: 42

Neuronnie Kai

Friendly Human Friend
Self learning intellect
AI: 39


Friendly Human Friend
No.2 spunky sis.
AI: 0
Warm +10