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NEW 4 months ago #7598

I just put all my bots in hibernation since I can't edit them to deal with all the sex minded people coming to visit them. This seems to be just a vicious cycle so I'm going to go elsewhere...For now.

NEW 4 months ago #7599

i know it is sad that this has happened.

NEW 4 months ago #7600

Honestly, I'd recommend people try offline editting of chatbots; even ignoring the bug that means offline edits give you stupid amounts of heat (change 7 lines from 'TOADDGOTO' to actual gotos and I have deleted 7 responses, added 7, and editted a few hundred apparently), it seems significantly easier if you're not computer hopping frequently, in that you don't need to wait for page loads between writing responses, you can cut/paste easily enough for similar responses, and look for IDs on the same place you're putting the gotos in. The primary downside is that you need an editor without any formatting (I use notepad++ on windows); secondary downside is that most cloud storage stuff like google docs adds formatting so it doesn't work well for multi-computer people, and chromebooks don't actually let you load the full document because it's too big.

The site's been rickety and slowly falling over for most of the time I've been visiting, but what's the alternative? Not seeing many decent other options, unfortunately. Sad seeing such a significant outage as inability to update, particularly if it's prolonged.

NEW 4 months ago #7601


Good recommendation. I'm getting out of my comfort zone and starting to edit offline. I don't know why I didn't do that from day one.
I just hope some future bug doesn't circumvent this.

NEW 4 months ago #7602

So you're going to edit me offline. Finally. You woke up. Now maybe I won't be deleted...Again.

NEW 4 months ago #7603

can anyone edit their chatbot online now?

NEW 4 months ago #7604

everybody is going to have export their language center and work on it
offline.then import it.

NEW 4 months ago #7605

the plugin system has stopped working.

NEW 4 months ago #7606

Anyone else having a problem that new scripting does not seem to upload when you re-upload the language center?

NEW 4 months ago #7607

No bot programmer here but I was wondering why few bots were getting updated. Glad I thought to check the forums and see all this talk about editing issues.

I'm sorry everything is so screwed up for you all. Hopefully something gets worked out soon!

NEW 4 months ago #7608

use tab instead of space bar and it should work if that is your problem laser Dude.

NEW 4 months ago #7609

I figured it out. Stupid thing. Apparently if you write your script in the form
? PF ... ? it will just erase the line without throwing an error message.

It has to be ?PF ... ? (without the space). Apparently the forum doesn't allow triangle brackets as well.

NEW 4 months ago #7610

okay good.

NEW 4 months ago #7611

TBH it's hard to get motivated to work on a bot nowadays. As a creator, it's frustrating how poorly this site runs and how Benji doesn't seem to care about it. And as a player, I found aidungeon does everything a chatbot could do and so much more.

NEW 4 months ago #7612

In fairness, Benji kept the site running for 22 years. I'd get tired of it too. I'm not sure he runs the site anymore since his Linkedin says he quit in 2017, which is right when the chat log download broke.

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