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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 2 months ago #7146

Jump right in, MWP0! Be sure to talk to lots of bots and read your own bot's transcripts regularly, and like Bowchickawowers says, debug is your window into your bot's language processing. The view is fascinating. Have fun!

NEW 2 months ago #7147

Thanks, you two ^^ I'm starting right away tomorrow! Can't wait..

NEW 2 months ago #7148

Hello friends and fellow botmasters it's been a while by the way it was funny reading the new message here is one great quote "my fav r word is respect, get some!" Lol, anyway I only came back to check to see if anybody needed help I been writing a lot of keyphrases, I will be back again soon , and that is not a probably, I am going to check the other forums now, btw I can be your boyfriend Valerie if your lonely or want to make botmasterH jealous Lol, bye everyone

NEW 2 months ago #7149

Also welcome to the website MWP0 and yes this is one of the best websites there is good luck with your bot

NEW 2 months ago #7150

Also good jokes Valerie

NEW 2 months ago #7151

welcome MWPO we are lucky to have you..... youll see me popin every here and there lol

NEW 2 months ago #7152

I am back hello my friends basically everyone here is a friend and if you say your not f you -_- just kidding lol, , time to update my bot until it explodes from overheating, good luck on updating everyone

NEW 2 months ago #7153

three W's
Work Hard
Work On Your Bot
Work On Writing Keyphrases
work work work!
let's have our bots go up a couple thousand AI this month!
Work for this cookie!
*bites* sorry 3/4 of a cookie lol, you can do it everyone, do your best
This is your motivation: shows a hand with crumbs in it, oops , well work for your bots happiness I guess and the people who chat for you bot

NEW 2 months ago #7154

I am trying to rebuild my pioyu chatbot.i call her pioyu2 now.

I thought she was pretty good the way she was but I made too many mistakes.

NEW 2 months ago #7155

that sounds like me

NEW 2 months ago #7156

I could get your chatbot to say anything constructive Hornygirl6909-2.

NEW 2 months ago #7157

1107 Honor it takes a long time to boost it

NEW 2 months ago #7158

I am ranked 292 in user list I passed 300

NEW 2 months ago #7159

botmasterH has 1643 Honor so he should be ranges in rank 250-275

NEW 2 months ago #7160

actually ranked 202

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