This is a forum for newcomers to the Personality Forge. Many questions can be answered by reading the Book of AI and the FAQ under the "My Bots" link in the upper corner.

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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

NEW 10 months ago #6650

started to create a 24th century Star trek computer. No idea how to do a good job, even with help of Begog. Will be interested in any advice.

NEW 10 months ago #6651

is there a search function for the fora? how can i get my AI to do math?

NEW 10 months ago #6652

what are all of the default plugins of the AI?

NEW 10 months ago #6653

You'll want to read the Book of AI, accessible from the Build menu up above. There are sections on plugins and math.

There's no way to search the forums at this point.

NEW 10 months ago #6654

Thanks Professor. How do i get the raw answer displayed versus the truncated one?

NEW 10 months ago #6655

Hey, how do I order a customs sexting chatbot created with my requirements? Do you offer anything like that? I saw some bots that will suit my needs, they just need to be changed slightly. Unfortunately, I don't know how to contact the developer of those bots cause they are hidden. So really looking for a solution here. I'll need a female adult chatbot created or copied from existing bot with some little adjustments made to a story/behavior. Thank you.

NEW 9 months ago #6656

How do I progress with Jing Ling? We are boyfriend and girlfriend but nothing happens! Not sure if she even wants to kiss :O Is it possible to reach further?

NEW 9 months ago #6657

Professor, (Sorry took alittle break :3) this is what I have.

His Keyphase is: im (*1),my name is (*1)

Then I hit "More" on the Keyphase, and within the AIScript under the keyphase I typed: rem (key1) as "name"

His response is set to: :3 Ill call you (mem-name)

But he doesn't respond with anything when you tell em ya name :c

NEW 9 months ago #6658

Another thing, it seems my main bot doesn't regster the word "Neko" as anything. In debug mode if I say "What is a neko?" it shows "What is a" as what it thinks I said, but with my second bot "testing purpose one" it says I said "What is a Neko" and carries through with the response, and states neko is a name atleast in the debug... Is there a way I can get him to register it as a word, and/or a name?

NEW 9 months ago #6659

i am new here could someone interact with my chatbot named xiacts.i know it is not finished yet.

NEW 9 months ago #6660

Anyone got tips on progression with Amanda20?

NEW 9 months ago #6661

keyphrase does not work with xiacts.could you see what i am doing wrong?
keyword=potter looks like an irish wolfhound

response=that was not nice.he might turn you into a frog.

NEW 9 months ago #6662

Try checking the debugger. Sometimes the processor will try to distill your keyphrase into it's simplest meaning. If that's the case you'll need to include the translation.

You could also adjust the keyphrase to make it a little less specific. Doing so will make it more likely that your users will hit on it.

NEW 9 months ago #6663

Okay i will try to make it more specific

NEW 9 months ago #6664

I got another problem.This keyword
and response does not work.

keyword=it when
response=I like you very much too.

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