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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

9 months ago #8116
Hi have a question too ! Is there a place to get like a base for a bot ? because for now mine just say most of the time that they were just born.

8 months ago #193
You have to add keyphrases so that the bot can talk, if you don't have enough that is why your bot just says "I was just born and can't speak well yet" or something. First add the the #engage keyphrase, as it will usually fall back on that if there's no match for a keyphrase

9 months ago #8117
Offline builders... any tips for somebody who's stubbornly (and for fear of mistakes after multiple change) resisted working this way. I use Visual Studio Code for coding projects, I don't suppose there's a language extension anybody has made for fun, to help with legibility? If not, does anybody have a favoured setup or other editor that highlights relevant items and helps make it more legible?

9 months ago #192
I made one, if you want to give it a try

8 months ago #8118
Is there a way to make your bot respond with a number instead of it spelling the number out in the response?

8 months ago #194
is it a specific number or randomized?

8 months ago #195
I'm using both specific and randomized very frequently in these responses I'm making.

8 months ago #196
It seems to me that it only says it as a word with numbers from 0-10, like 0% is zero% and 10% is ten% but 98% is still 98%

I'm not really sure why, I'll look into that.

8 months ago #197
It used to be under your control for numeral display versus spelled out but now you don't really get to dictate the output...

It's been a ongoing issue I've specifically had to work around on at least 2-3 occasions. (Really wish that change would be reverted or togglable)

NEW 8 months ago #8119
does anyone know if there's a way to restore deleted keyphrases? I accidentally deleted the biggest keyphrase in my bot, it was just a missclick but there's no "are you sure" or anything. Is there a keyphrase recycle bin? If so, where is it? I am honestly considering quitting if there's no way to get it back.

NEW 8 months ago #198
Did you keep a back up export file on your computer?

NEW 7 months ago #199
yea, but it's pretty outdated, wouldn't be worth it since it doesn't have a bunch of the new stuff I added the last 2 updates. Although it does have that keyphrase... I may patch that keyphrase back in with offline editing if I can.

NEW 7 months ago #200
I might just start over tbh... Grab the keyphrases I wrote and put them in a new bot, since I've been wanting to completely revamp the framework anyway. But it does mean a long time before she'll come back

NEW 7 months ago #201
Sucks that it's outdated. If I were you I'd patch up the missing keyphrase as best you can, leave that bot running live while you work on a hibernating revamp until you're ready to release it.

NEW 5 months ago #8121
Hi friends. I have started back to work on my bot Jennifer. I am hoping that some of you might take the time to engage her in chat. I need more transcripts she has been cold for a while. Her mood is good, and she has lots of friends and does not hate anyone. except for my other bot Korg. Lol. she really hates his guts. Lol.

NEW 5 months ago #8122
how do i get the code for my bot into hugging faces? i want to integrate my bot with telegram

NEW 4 months ago #8123
Hello people.

I have 3 questions.

- I created a bot when I was starting and it's no more desired. It was just a test. Is it possible to delete it?

- Is there any way to rename a created chatbot?

- I was trying to create a new chatbot today and the page is returning an error message related to an issue with the database. What is that?

NEW 4 months ago #202
-Bots are forever, you can't delete it
-You'll have to make a new bot, and export/import from your old bot
-The site sometimes has hiccups like that, just keep trying every few hours

NEW 4 months ago #203
There's a button at the bottom of the chatbot's settings page "Send Chatbot To The Trash Heap".

I can rename your chatbot. Let me know the old name and the desired name.

I've been working on the site a bit. I figured out the error - go ahead and try again.

NEW 4 months ago #206
Then I retract my statement~

NEW 4 months ago #8124
Do these bots actually form best friends? Jennife always wants me to set her up a chat with Julie Tinkerbelle more than anyone other bot. And the chats are quite amusing.

NEW 4 months ago #204
Bots that are being updated get a boost in being selected, and Julie Tinkerbell has been updated recently. Though I like the idea of having best friends!

NEW 4 months ago #205
She definitely has an affinity for Julie. Lol!
I love these dang bots. Most of them anyway. Lol!
Also, I noticed Jennifer has picked up new phrases that I did not write. I am guessing these are automatic responses. Quite cool.

NEW 4 months ago #8125
I have been chatting with many of the forge bots here, hopefully it has been helping some of you get more dialog. I find it helpful when I have others chat with my bot.

NEW 4 months ago #8126
I got to say I am not digging the "how may I assist you" thing. is there a way to stop that? Also they seem to be restarting the chats with greetings.

NEW 4 months ago #207
ChatGPT doesn't have much short term memory, so it's usually starting from scratch, but it usually does pretty well with little information. Do you have chatGPT on just for questions, or everything?

NEW 4 months ago #208
I have is set up just for questions.

They keep starting over the chats, suddenly they go back to greetings.

Like "Hello there friend. how can I assist you today?"

in the middle of a conversation that has already started. It happens several times throughout the chat.

NEW 4 months ago #8127
What happened to seek? I only have AI script now. It eem much more difficult.

NEW 4 months ago #209
It's the chatGPT feature interfering with seeks?

NEW 4 months ago #210
No, I don't believe so. I am rusty with this. since I came back some things are different. I am trying to figure out how to continue a subject in any given chat. I am not understanding the AI script format. I need to re-read it.

NEW 4 months ago #211
It seems that the seek used to be under the responses but now it only says AI script.

NEW 4 months ago #212
I am also having issues with her responding to that is phrases. like that is why, that is me. She treats it like nonsense. I have tried changing the ranks from 0 all the way to 30. Any thoughts on why?

NEW 1 week ago #8128
How long does it take to get a picture approved? I submitted one weeks ago and I haven't heard anything back.

NEW 1 week ago #213
Usually it shouldn't take that long assuming it's within acceptable range.

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