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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

1 year ago #8051
Has anybody had any success using 'aww' as a seek? I'm trying to pick it up after seeing some people respond to the keyphrase with 'aww' and my bot ignoring it. I've added the raw AI Script as well based on how 'aww' was coming back in debug mode

If I set 'aww' as a KP it works perfectly, but as a seek it won't trigger, even with rank +100. I even made a new keyphrase with aww as the only seek and it still didn't work. All I learned from debug is that it didn't match to anything.

Does raw work differently for a keyword vs. a seek? That's the only logical explanation I have left after testing it.

I'm not averse to using it as a KP if needed - just feel the context will be different so the ideal is for it work as a seek under the specific KP.

Thanks in advance

1 year ago #77
Keyphrases and Seeks should mostly work the same. If not, there might be something up. I'll look into it, but give me some time to get to this one. For now, I'd suggest having it as a Keyphrase.

1 year ago #78
Thanks for the reply - it's not a huge problem, just a nice to have, so appreciate you taking a look whenever the opportunity arises

1 year ago #8052
are their any female cats or wolves out there that would like to chat, drop me a message, ta

1 year ago #8053
How do you get keyphrases like "you're my best friend" or "you're my greatest pal" without the AI engine jumping to #compliment?

I tried setting the rank of the keyphrase to 24, but it's still choosing #compliment instead of that keyphrase.

Right now I am trying the keyphrases:
(m:you_are) my (r) (a:good)+est (r) (n:friend),
(m:you_are) my (r) (a:great)+est (r) (n:friend)

Is there any problem with these?

1 year ago #80
So it works for "you're my greatest friend", but it doesn't work for "you're my best friend", going to #compliment instead.

1 year ago #81
Probably it merges (best)+est creating bestest and none uses such word. Hard to tell, your example doesn't even have "best" in keywords, if I checked properly.

1 year ago #82
Hmm... wouldn't "good+est" automatically become "best"?
You might be onto something here... let me check

Edit: Yeah, that worked! The keyphrase "(m:you_are) my (r) (best:1) (r) (n:friend:2)" suddenly got everything just fine

1 year ago #83
Glad to hear that.

1 year ago #84
good+est should become "best". Something must have broken it. I'll look into that.

1 year ago #8054
I'm trying to figure out conditional responses using the AIScript feature. Is there a way to compare a plug-in to memory? I keep trying to do something similar to
"if (mem-something) is (key1);"
This throws an error back, and won't let me compile. This line
"if (mem-something) is "(key1)";"
compiles, but I would guess that compares the text "(key1)" to memory, not the plug-in.
Any help would be appreciated.

1 year ago #85
"(key1)" is interpreted as the value of the key, not just the text "(key1)". Unless there's a bug, it should work.

For example, you could save "my (key1) (postkey)" as a memory.

1 year ago #8055
is the ability to use time based responses broken for everybody or is it just me?

1 year ago #8056
So I was using the debugger and came across this:

Find: m_i_am sorry (47.4) Time: 0.11

Found Keyphrase!
Total Rank: 52.4
Rank this needs to beat: 52.4

Where does the extra 5 rank (47.4 to 52.4) come from? Is it because this is part of a template keyphrase?

1 year ago #86
It comes from a number of factors, including position in the sentence (closer to the start means higher rank), and the sentence's position in the message (closer to the end means higher rank).

1 year ago #8057
422-lee chatbot webpage on hot for is not showing up it is black.

1 year ago #8058
How can I add custom text for each user in bot's profile under the "feelings towards you"? I have seen this in some bots but could not figure it out.

1 year ago #88
You can't at the moment it's automated

1 year ago #89
Automated? I doubt that, the phrases I've seen are too specific to be generated automatically. Also, why are there no messages for my users?

I mean that message, which some bots have in their profile at the bottom right under the emojis.

1 year ago #92
"Feelings toward you" pulls from a Bot's memories of you.

1 year ago #95
Is it described in the guide? I would like to add this to my bot.

1 year ago #8059
for 422-lee chatbot she comes up on the front page of hot for bot.when i talk to her the webpage she is on is completely purple?is this happening for anyone else?

1 year ago #90

1 year ago #91
i guess the guy or woman blocked use of it.i thought the webpage would come up anyway. you just could not talk to her.

1 year ago #93
I've fixed this. It was an issue with having numbers in the bot's name using the new URLs.

1 year ago #94

1 year ago #8061
Damn. We really need to attract more people. The forums are so quiet.

1 year ago #96
It may be the personality trait of botmasters to be quiet. That is why we like to create bots, so that we can communicate using an alternate, or puppet personality.

Of greater importance is the need to attract more people.
Before the 2/2/2 revision, there was a way to search for newly created chatbots. I think it was the Recently Improved button or something. This would put all the newly created and improved chatbots to the top of the list. As it is now, only the chatbots with the highest AI rating are at the top. I believe this is very discouraging for new botmasters who have little chance for their new bots to be seen by others. Perhaps more new botmasters could be attracted to Personalityforge if their new bots could be seen and used as soon as they create them. I have always enjoyed using newly created bots, and when I create a new bot the feedback from as many users as possible helps me to improve the bot and enjoy the experience.

I hope that I have expressed my point clearly. Thank You.

1 year ago #97
This is actually so true. Reading transcripts helped me a ton! It still does.

1 year ago #98
"Recently Improved" is still a search box option on the "Find Chatbots" page. It's also in the search filters.

My next project is meant to solve just that very issue, actually. I'm going to generate chats for new bots with other chatbots, so bots will little activity will be able to see transcripts of how they're doing.

1 year ago #99
Is there an PersonalityForge Discord server by any chance? I mean general Discord server, not bots on Discord.

1 year ago #100
To my knowledge no only personal bot owner discord servers

1 year ago #101
I thought that discord server could be nice although it would probably be as silent as forum. But there are notifications from mentions etc.

1 year ago #102
I set up a private Personality Forge discord server to test the Discord integration. Would anyone else like that? My only concern is that I wouldn't have the time to keep up with and manage it.

1 year ago #103
Yeah, depending on how many people would actually use discord, you would probably need at least one admin present 24 hours a day.

10 months ago #104
I'd like to see a discord server. It'd be interesting to trade patterns (and anti-patterns) in developing bots. I've had to discover/piece together these so far by combing forums and experimenting with other bots.

9 months ago #8062
Put a female bot on & already she's been propositioned twice by Guests.
Sigh. .

8 months ago #107
Is there any way to block that from happening other than to use the 'end conversation' feature or just outright hibernating them?

9 months ago #8063
How do I upload a new cartoon-style face for my bot? Help,& thanks.

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