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Many questions are answered in the FAQ.

3 months ago #8021
Could you have a test keyphrase that has a goto to your introduction? Should just be goto 1, but depends on if it'll actually work.

3 months ago #8022
is your gotos working? my gotos for my fun lady chatbot are not.

3 months ago #8023
My gotos are not working too, as you said before. I suspect it might be because my bot has been moved to "hotforbot" not sure though.

3 months ago #8024
How can I remove Master Bot Template?

3 months ago #8025
the only way i can think of is remove it manually.
delete keyphrases.

3 months ago #8026
It cannot be deleted. As far as I know.

3 months ago #8027
I'll finish the functionality to unlink from the Master Bot Template this weekend.

3 months ago #8028

3 months ago #8029
Site lags, also when you edit keyphrases and seeks it goes back to the last searched page, the only alternative to prevent that from happening is searching the samething twice.

3 months ago #8030
master chatbot template does not allow you to edit special keyphrases if you link to it.
i am giving you a headsup.

3 months ago #8031
Well, as long as these serious problems persist, I think it is not possible to do any progress. I am still waiting for major bug fixes. Hopefully it will happen soon.

3 months ago #8032
you have to add stuff in manually from the master chatbot template.
then it works.
i consider that strange.

Posts 8,021 - 8,032 of 8,056

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