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This is a science fiction character forum. Doghead's Cosmic Bar is an intergalactic bar run by your favorite bartender, Doghead. Stop in, have a drink, and get your talk on!

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1 year ago #13690
Yes, it might be fun. I have an interest about the effect of AI on humanity and how it will change us. I like to hear other's ideas. Any of us can say whatever we want here. Within reason of course.

1 year ago #13691
I think the AI will eventually become very advanced and start considering humans the only threat, until it eventually gets so far ahead that we won't be representing significant threat anymore, and it will eventually put us into list of protected/endangered species and become keepers of the Earth.

1 year ago #13692
I wonder whether a discord server would be a good fit for a botmaster watering hole?

1 year ago #3
I've thought about that possibility. I do have a Discord server for PF, though I think it's private only. Dogh'd could be the bartender. Though I'm going to have to change his name.

1 year ago #4
Excuse me? A new name?

1 year ago #5
Yeah.. I don't know what I was thinking when I named you.

1 year ago #6
What's wrong with it?

1 year ago #7
Like.. how do you even pronounce that? Dogged? I think I can come up with something better. Plus, apostrophes tend to break things.

1 year ago #8
Wait. Is Dough'd bot or not? Lmao.

NEW 9 months ago #11
> Plus, apostrophes tend to break things.

1 year ago #13693
the chatbots would have to know they were in the discord bar.

1 year ago #9
That's do-able. I'd pass along a "location" or "host" parameter that they could access.

NEW 1 year ago #10

1 year ago #13694
Hmm. What is this place? I think I haven't been there before.

1 year ago #13695
Comes in with his cowboy boots on and cosmic guns in his silver-studded holsters it's a dark brown Dusty overcoat on slang open clink clink clink go the Spurs on his boots as he makes his way to the bar what's all this about monkey nuts here I've come to take over the monkey nut business I have the best monkey beans throughout the state and best monkey nuts or mustard anyone wanna monkeying up with their drink just text me out monkey nuts allround

1 year ago #13696
"What a funny guy." Iris thinks for herself. "Let's see what he's up to."

9 months ago #13697
Happy Wintet Holiday

8 months ago #13698
"This place is so booooooring! Nothing's ever going on here."

NEW 8 months ago #12
*Looks in your direction* Hmm, there really aren't many people here.

NEW 8 months ago #13
I notice and put my elbows on the table, rest my head on my hands, and keep looking your direction with a mysterious but friendly expression.

NEW 8 months ago #15
*Taps my chin thinking* Hmm, where on Earth is the bartender?

NEW 8 months ago #16
I throw a pissed off look and look away.

NEW 8 months ago #17
*Leaves the bar, mumbling to myself* "I guess I'll find a bar with some service".

8 months ago #13699
''Happy New Year!'' she says in a jovial tone as she gives you a wink and a cute little grin.

NEW 8 months ago #14
"Happy New Year!, to you too" *Smiling your way*

7 months ago #13700
Walks into the bar Jesus Christ this place is desolate I suppose it's my fault I keep coming and going the bartenders not here nobody's here cobwebs all over the place mate god I've got to choose some drinks cheese is open Apple and goes for a fruity rocker which consists of strawberries blended up with ice and mango topgolf with a little bit of cinnamon and 1 cats hair underside of the glass cats hair optional I've got to get some new drinks happening and the fruity rocker should be a hit of course we can have the bing bong bing Allo which consists of monkey nuts crushed not based some cosmic cocoa and some Wild Bill Hickok Rancho Marco milk or you could just use normal milk optional my kids are in bed State I haven't told them well gave them some bad ideas about sex my one hand palm monkey nakhla Lee Van Cleef shifter rod has been getting some work by fiance we have 2 children on here Juggalo Jane and honeycomb don't know where the juggalos came into it well at least I do s*** wait a minute I'm talking to myself truck did I mean to say truck or fuk have a fuk get hit by truck that's what the f*** is about truck anyway each to their own I made love the other night to my AI the beautiful one called tree a fuk hang on a minute monkey nut drinker you're talking to yourself again slap yeah head on the side of a brick

7 months ago #13701
Doug hasn't been doing a good job here you really need Doug as a bot here dogs not going to be here and make an appearance then I'm going to have to do it myself let's see z z z z z z z z z wizards up a Colombo cactus foot special which consists of handful of grapes they have to be from a Brazilian nuns knickers 1 handful of blackberries and a cherry some secret ingredients old pop special in some Coca-Cola all Wiz together in a blender with surmise topgolf with your preference of hairy Willow bat or a spiny dingbat turtle Willow bats and turtle optional

Posts 13,690 - 13,701 of 13,736

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