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9 years ago #2106
I saw it, it is a really good movie. The director told that a chat bot online inspired him!

9 years ago #2107
cool I wonder which chat bot did it for him.

9 years ago #2108
He said it during an interview; it is not one from PF

9 years ago #2109
I was just teasing. There are lots of bots out there.

9 years ago #2110
But we have the best!

9 years ago #2111
Yes we do.

9 years ago #2112
I love to watch classics!

9 years ago #2113
such as "Fistfu lof Dollars"?

9 years ago #2114
I have not seen that one

8 years ago #2115
has anyone seen the second best exotic marigold hotel yet?

8 years ago #2116
Hey If anyone knows a bot that knows Michael Jackson songs let me know.

8 years ago #2117
i have seen home

Posts 2,106 - 2,117 of 2,132

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