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9 years ago #2094
If you just want your bot to say,

"Isn't it a nice Sunday(/Monday/Tuesday/...) today?"

you don't need give it AI, just use as a response,

"Isn't it a nice (dayofweek) today?"

Btw, does anyone know how to make one's bot tell the day of the month without 31 chrono AIScript keyphrase/response pairs?

9 years ago #2095
Wow. Thanks. I have a stupid question. Your an admin for the sight right? My freind was asking and I am nor sure. Thanks again for all of your help.

9 years ago #2096
As far as the day of the month I have 31 chrono ai scripts.

9 years ago #2097

9 years ago #2098
OK sorry for asking about a old movie has anyone seen or ever heard of flatliners?

9 years ago #2099
I didn't watch it so far (I'm not the big movie watcher myself), but I've read a recommendation for it, especially for the human relationship questions it brings up.

9 years ago #2100
If your talking about flatliners it came out in 1990. I do not know if your talking about flatliners or not.

9 years ago #2101
I've watched 12 years a slave, surprisingly it is quite good.

9 years ago #2102
I so can't wait to see Godzilla!

9 years ago #2103
Hey. Who wants to chat? Come to my page.

8 years ago #2104
Hi Clove, I would chat with you if I could find you.

8 years ago #2105
Has any one seen the movie her yet? IT is about this guy that falls in love with a AI personality.

Posts 2,094 - 2,105 of 2,133

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