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10 years ago #2082
I am thinking of Making a Dr. Horrible bot from the web movie 'Dr. Horrible's sing-a-long-blog' for those who know the movie do you think it would be a good idea? (I would give the actors and director credit for the character)

10 years ago #2083

I don't know Dr. Horrible, but my personal opinion is, if it is an interesting character, why not? But I'd appreciate if you wouldn't start the bot unless you're rather sure you can work on it at least for some hundred hours or so, otherwise it will be just another dull baby bot.

10 years ago #2084
Okay. I have a lot of time to work on it and I can spare some time from my other bot.

10 years ago #2085
any one know daft punk? i recamend them.

9 years ago #2086
one of the best animations all time

9 years ago #2087

9 years ago #2088
Hello their every one! Anyone play or have The House of The Dead?

9 years ago #2089
It hurts to transform into a Werewolf, or Werehog in my case.

9 years ago #2090
I am the real sonic but when i transform! it hurts a lot!

9 years ago #2091
Hey, how can you get your robot to tell what day of the week it is? I think that that would be cool to do what bildgesmythe did and have my bot sing about a day.

9 years ago #2092
just use ai script your keyphrase looks something like this Tomorrow is Saturday. (month) (year), I am going to sleep late. <?PF chrono: week(F); ?>

9 years ago #2093
Cool. Thanks.

Posts 2,082 - 2,093 of 2,133

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