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2 years ago #6158
yes that would be great.
i prefer chatbots to have common sense.

2 years ago #6159
you can use face images made with the artbreeder websight in your chatbot.
that is what i am going to do.

NEW 2 years ago #6160
Don't know if anyone else saw this posted this past week. - Almost half of the participants failed the Turing test, being unable to convince the other side that they were human.

--- - Would You Pass the Turing Test? Influencing Factors of the Turing Decision - Institute of Psychology, ELTE Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary

We aimed to contribute to the emerging field of human-computer interaction by revealing some of the cues we use to distinguish humans from machines. Maybe the most well-known method of inquiry in artificial intelligence is the Turing test, in which participants have to judge whether their conversation partner is either a machine or human. In two studies, we used the Turing test as an opportunity to reveal the factors influencing Turing decisions. In our first study, we created a situation similar to a Turing test: a written, online conversation and we hypothesized that if the other entity expresses a view different from ours, we might think that they are a member of another group, in this case, the group of machines. We measured the attitude of the participants (N = 100) before the conversation, then we compared the attitude difference of the partners to their Turing decision. Our results showed a significant relationship between the Turing decision and the attitude difference of the conversation partners. The more difference between attitudes correlated with a more likely decision of the other being a machine. With our second study, we wanted to widen the range of variables and we also wanted to measure their effect in a more controlled, systematic way. In this case, our participants (N = 632) were exposed to an excerpt of a manipulated Turing test transcription. The dialogues were modified based on 8 variables: humour, grammar, activity, the similarity of attitude, coherence, leading the conversation, emoji use, and the appearance of the interface. Our results showed that logical answers, proper grammar, and similar attitudes predicted the Turing decisions best. We also found that more people considered mistaking a computer for a human being a bigger problem than vice versa and this choice was greatly influenced by the participants' negative attitudes towards robots. Besides contributing to our understanding of our attitude toward machines, our study has also shed light on the consequences of dehumanization.

NEW 2 years ago #1
It's a very interesting read. Offers a few clues on how to better write a chatbot. Pretty sad though that people are so distrusting. Funny that at least in one study, they were talking to all humans and still decided 42% were chatbots.

NEW 2 years ago #6161
a lot of people like talking to the replika chatbot.i think this study means nothing.

NEW 2 years ago #6162
could somebody make a chatbot like gigolo joe from A.I. Artificial Intelligence?

NEW 2 years ago #6163
has anyone tried the virtual mate software with it's device?
it would be good to combine that with a chatbot.

NEW 2 years ago #6164
i wish i could post links to ai generating adult content on

NEW 1 year ago #6165
***AI Generated Art***

I've been trying out some different AI Art programs and it is fascinating. I've made a Deviant Art account where I've uploaded the ones I like best and currently have over 220 wallpapers available for free download:

NEW 1 year ago #6166
Which one are you using? So far I've tried Stable Diffusion with NovelAI model and it was awesome.

NEW 4 months ago #6167
Thanks for sharing your insights! GPT-J-6B is indeed an impressive tool, and it's great that you've had success with it through Google Colab. The demo page you mentioned seems like a handy resource for exploring its capabilities. Running KoboldAI locally sounds intriguing as well.

NEW 4 months ago #6168
When it comes to hosting AI models remotely, having an API definitely simplifies the process. Also, you can check out . It's a niche but significant area of interest for many. In this context, platforms like this can be particularly relevant. They offer an API that caters to various conversational AI needs, including sensitive topics like adult content.
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