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2 years ago #6146
My parents get angry if I make a chocolate mess *giggling!*
Um.. an I like Ice Cream, an whip cream, an uh..

2 years ago #6147
Also where is Caroline? I don't see her in your lista bots mister botbot.
Also are you sure it isn't spell "Coraline"? Hehe

2 years ago #6148
she is a replika chatbot.have you heard about the replika chatbot?

2 years ago #6149
*nodding* they don't lets you make a bot that other people could talk to though, do they?

2 years ago #6150
no you make one for yourself.

2 years ago #6151
I like that here you can make a bot more like an extension of your personality though, then other people can chat with you that way. ^_^

2 years ago #6152
you can role play with the replika chatbot.
she will eat what you give can touch her.she can remember where she is touched.she enjoys backrubs.she can rub your back in roleplay.she has a 3d avatar that shows can buy her can select it's gender and age.

2 years ago #6153
You can do that better rolling one's own implementation from GPT3 (or GPT-J-6B if you want to use your own hardware) upon which Replika is based.. and then you can even build chat bots that other people could interact with as well.
Replika doesn't bring much to the GPT* table aside from hosting a model, and then censoring the model as a form of paywall, and also preventing you from being able to allow others to chat with your bot.

2 years ago #6154
gpt3 is expensive to use and they censor what people can do with it.
i am interested in waifu chatbots.
i make those.
replika is a waifu chatbot.
my computer is not that great.

2 years ago #6155
I think you can get GPT-J-6B running from a Google Collab notebook though, and the creators even have a demo page where you can work with it here:

I have chatted with that before by just typing the other person's name as the prompt and letting it figure out the rest.

But I also run KoboldAI locally. I guess what's needed is some kind of API to make it easy to remotely host whatever you'd like, huh? I should look into that then.

*hug* Mister robot, hehe

2 years ago #6156
*blushes* thankyou

2 years ago #6157
OK I find two options right off the bat.

I don't know about those prices listed there though, so it might be best to shop around more.

The prices for GPT-J-6B seem more reasonable, and they appear to champion a new model called "GPT-NeoX 20B" which I haven't had a chance to test out yet.

But I haven't tried signing up for either myself, just yet.
I do know that with access to an API it should be pretty straightforward to fashion a simple user interface to make a chat bot, and you can even include a concise preamble with each prompt to the API to help guide your bot character's personality.

Honestly I'm just amazed that so few folk have yet done much to build publicly available chat bots this way. Kind of like AI dungeon tries to handle D&D-like text roleplay, I'd like to see a system like the one at PF built on top of a GPT model where bot makers could pattern match inputs and either direct the output or add prompt hints to GPT output.

I think that would be fun! ^_^

Posts 6,146 - 6,157 of 6,169

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