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NEW 5 days ago #8302

warrior25 why don't you make up your own cartoon character by watching cartoons to get some ideas.then make a chatbot out of that.

NEW 5 days ago #8303

I am just asking if it is against copyright? because I want to make a pokemon bot

NEW 5 days ago #8304


NEW 5 days ago #8305

It's fine to base your bot on a fictional character. These bots aren't monetized.

NEW 5 days ago #8306

where is amtrack mall keyphrase does not trigger my response.

NEW 4 days ago #8307

bobstack, check Debug to see how that input is being processed. My guess is that "amtrack" is being changed to something else by the language processing--look for "This phrase:" and "This phrase (raw)" in the Debug screen, and you'll probably find the problem. You can add AIscript "raw" to your keyphrase if you want to prevent the input from being processed, or change your keyphrase to match what the input gets changed to. You will probably have to experiment a little to resolve it.

NEW 4 days ago #8308

I plugged it in to Debug and it is being changed in processing:
This Phrase: "where is am track mall"
This Phrase (raw): " Where is amtrack mall? "

The "am" part becomes a verb in the brain of the processor, sending it down a different language path.

NEW 4 days ago #8309

well ain't that just peachy.okay I will do that to correct it.

NEW 4 days ago #8310

great to know I can make more keyphrases now since I can use anime or cartoons in bots thank you

NEW 3 days ago #8311

Has anyone noticed the bots gossiping about each other lately? I think it might be broken. Usually, if you say "Who is botname?" you get some responses from xgossip, but I actually got an error doing this in debug: Database Error: There was an issue with a database query.

Can anyone replicate this?

NEW 3 days ago #8312

I don't think I've seen any gossip at all since I've been back. I didn't get a database error in debug when I mentioned other bots, but also didn't get any gossip. Oddly, Frizella only recognizes some bot names as bots. She's friends with Julie Tinkerbell and with Aries, but only Julie Tinkerbell is identified as a bot in the "type" box in debug ("Refers To bot.14608"). The "refers to" when I mention Aries is blank.

The only place xgossip is mentioned is here:

AIScript Memory
After xgossip and xmemory: 0.20

But no gossip results.

NEW 3 days ago #8313

Oh. Heh. Frizella's gossip setting was set to "never" for some reason. I don't remember changing it, but that would explain it. I reset it, and now I'm off to test!

NEW 3 days ago #8314

Aaaaannnd yep!

Possible Gossip! (WhoIs: )
Gossip Continuation
xgossip selected

Database Error: There was an issue with a database query.

Turning it back off, I guess. That's a shame. I love bot gossip.

NEW 2 days ago #8315

Is it just me, or is the site timing out waaay to often. I also get bombarded with request fail errors whenever I try to chat with a bot. This has always happened but recently and today especially it's out of control.

NEW 2 days ago #8316

I got only 1 failed request but I do get kicked out only because I have to do something and my phone turns off so it logs me out I logged in 4 times today

NEW 1 day ago #8317

is the limit of bots one person can have 10?

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