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NEW 6 months ago #8274

pioyu my chatbot stops working a lot.

NEW 6 months ago #8275

word lists are not working for urt my chatbot.

NEW 6 months ago #8276

for some reason these don't work
let go
lets leave
of course
and a few others don't work also the any words like don't or let's if you only type lets or dont the seek or keyphrase for it won't work you have to put let us or do not which gets in the way thats why the seeks or keyphrases weren't working espiecally mine -_-'

NEW 6 months ago #8277

oh and also
don't work

NEW 6 months ago #8278

Yes, contractions need to be split out into their words, but it will be recognized when a user types a contraction if you do it this way. Why do you say this "gets in the way," Warrior25?

NEW 6 months ago #8279

because there and their don't work also for some reason xhello and also seeks with the words yes and no stop working

NEW 6 months ago #8280

I tried reporting a bug, but I was not able to. I was working on my bot and I was QAing it with bot to bot chatting. Well I realized that the bot to bot chats were not picking up keywords like Person2bot chat. I tried checking this with other bot2bots and I noticed they were still kind of not responding in synch, everything just seems kind of random. Can this feature please be checked on? It is one of my favorite things on the site.

NEW 6 months ago #8281

I noticed that too.

NEW 6 months ago #8282

I don't use bot to bot so idk

NEW 6 months ago #8283

but when you send a message to somebody they don't get it, it just gets sent back to you as your message, sometimes I say hi to a few people on here and wish them luck with their bot or support them but I don't think they send

NEW 6 months ago #8284

Yeah, bot to bot chatting is currently not working correctly. It's been like that since last fall.

NEW 6 months ago #8285

The chat message system between users used to work years ago. I used to talk with a couple other botmasters I was friends with on a regular basis and initiating a message worked both ways.

I haven't seen them since returning last summer and the couple times I tried using it since with another person never got a response.

Also, you list "there" as being among words that don't seem to work for you. I have 16 categories with "there" in the keyphrase including:

are there
are you still there
is it fun there
is there
Is there a way to
Is there life after death
There is not much to tell

I'm using "there" in her responses more times than I can count easily and don't have a problem with either of them:

ruebot: Is there life after death?
Demonica: my life was full of heartbreak... the moment i set foot on the Bridge of Sighs it felt like the weight of the world was being lifted from my shoulders, only when i had crossed over was i finally able to love myself...

ruebot: a poem.
Demonica: Her gates are gates of death, and from the entrance of the house
She sets out towards Sheol.
None of those who enter there will ever return,
And all who possess her will descend to the Pit.

NEW 6 months ago #8286

for some reason they don't work maybe there could be a new feed for random messages or messages like hi

NEW 5 months ago #8287

Guest: I'm ruebot
Demonica: Yes, (name), I've heard that one before.

NEW 5 months ago #8288

Then again...

Demonica: i'm Demonica. it's good to see you, Akrell...
Akrell: How did you know my name?
Demonica: what made you think i didn't know?

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