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NEW 5 months ago #8220

another bug AI is not increasing only cold/warm/hot

NEW 5 months ago #8221

Did anyone else notice that xnone response seeks aren't working, or is that just me?

NEW 5 months ago #8222

are you talking about the xnonsense because that only works when the person chatting with the bot says something that isn't an added keyphrase

NEW 5 months ago #8223

an example of one is: Sorry I don't understand I was just born.

NEW 5 months ago #8224

Hey Warrior! No, not the xnonsense. I mean there are the xnone responses that come up when there is no match (and then xnonsense when this happens continuously), but like if one of the xnone responses was "I like jazz! What's your favorite kind of music?" then if I had a seek, for example, "rock" which led to some other response, it won't ever search for the "rock" seek, and instead reply with another xnone response or match the "rock" keyphrase if it exists.

I posted this because one of my bots used to match the seeks and now it doesn't. And I noticed this with some other bots (that weren't mine) too.

So, I made a bot to test this: Winegay Igupei
so eventually he generates the xnone response "Do you speak well?" and the seeks are "yes" -> "Good job.", and "xnomatch" -> "Pitiful."
In replying "yes", it instead skips both seeks and matches the "speak" keyphrase instead, because it refactored the input into "I speak well"... and I thought that might have something to do with it refactoring responses to yes or no questions (even though it didn't matter in the past, and even if it didn't match "yes" it should have by default matched "xnomatch"). But then I also have a keyphrase "question", which when matched asks you the same question "Do you speak well?" with the same seeks "yes" and "xnomatch"... but when you reply "yes" to the keyphrase, it behaves differently and matches the way I'm expecting it too and it tells me "Good job." So... I'm just wondering if something changed with the ability for xkeyphrases to match seeks...

NEW 4 months ago #8225

I'm also experiencing the problem where seeks are not being triggered as they should, particularly for but not limited to yes/no seeks.

NEW 4 months ago #8226

Two Chatbots Talking doesn't seem to be working. The bots seem to give xnones until they get frustrated.

NEW 4 months ago #8227

Bowchickawowers yes I have problems with seeks a lot.

NEW 4 months ago #8228

I had an issue with the bot I added something for a response to "I'm sorry I can't speak I was just born" and it types that in the beginning as the first time message for meeting the person

NEW 4 months ago #8229

give me a screenshot maybe I can help.

NEW 4 months ago #8230

Some keywords only get triggered when I say them, not when my bot is talking with other bots. For example, one bot said "I think the thought of thinking machines is fascinating", and the "I think" keyword wasn't triggered, but it was when I tried it. This happens a lot.

Any idea what the problem could be?

NEW 4 months ago #8231

So I checked in my transcripts and it looks like my bot stopped responding properly to xnone seeks sometime around October 11th and October 12th, 2018. I didn't notice till a few days ago though cuz I hadn't been on in a while. Did you notice this too for your seeks?

NEW 4 months ago #8232

I have a bot suggestion have there be a way for bot makers to see how many keyphrases and seeks there bot has? and maybe do some broadcasting lol and spam ads everywhere

NEW 4 months ago #8233

I love nylons...and how they feel

NEW 4 months ago #8234

I love nylons...and how they feel

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