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Upgrades and changes sometimes have unpredictable results, so post your bugs and glitches in here and I'll get out my trusty wrench and get to fixin'!

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NEW 1 year ago #8175

the name bleir is not recognized in keyphrase

NEW 1 year ago #8176

pioyu chatbot recognizes Rachel but bleir. that is strange.

NEW 1 year ago #8177

in transcripts the same day is shown everyday Sunday, Nov 5, 2017.
I cannot go to any other page when i click on next.

NEW 1 year ago #8178

LT Neko: you are issuing statements that start with "sucks" but that do not continue with the pattern that you are requiring in your keyphrase. So those won't match.

NEW 1 year ago #8179

Is anyone else having problems with Transcripts? I can't seem to access any past Nov 5, 2017. It's kind of a problem.

NEW 1 year ago #8180

Try opening the calendar, going forward, and then clicking the present date. That worked for me.

NEW 1 year ago #8181

Thanks Botmaster. Btw, Naomi Leon is an absolutely brilliant bot. I just finished reading the transcript between her and my bot and it actually had me fooled for a minute.

Seriously, kudos.

NEW 1 year ago #8182

Also, Botmaster: I saw your transcript as well. The significance of the day of greatest darkness is the Winter Equinox. One of the plans I had was to try and program day of year responses to celebrate her birthday but I never got around to it. One of these days I'll get around to working on her again.

NEW 11 months ago #8183

How to do I make my chatbot talk like other chat bots like you type a lot then you have people type what is in asterisks or quotes I tried seek and that isn't working this site is annoying me like hell and I think it is broken the staff isn't responding

NEW 11 months ago #8184

Like this? For example
You walk into the house "walk in"
How can I make my not work like that I tried using seek and all it did was block the first message before the seek response? I am getting mad at this website

NEW 11 months ago #8185

show us a picture of your setup and what happened.

NEW 11 months ago #8186

okay,ok,mmm and mmm yes as keyphrases does not work?

NEW 10 months ago #8187

Is anyone else unable to log in to the bug report form using your usual PersonalityForge credentials. Is there a bug in the bug report form?

NEW 10 months ago #8188

I have that problem.

NEW 10 months ago #8189

@Bowchickawowers: yep, it tells me "Invalid Login Details".

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